been away from game while but.....

can hunters hit hard as locks, priest and mage with any spec we are offered? seems like when i get ganked from behind im mostly dead before anything can be done to retaliate. Is there a spec and shoot rotation that hits like the other squishy ranged dps? Seems like with us haqving alot of same qaulity gear the casters just nuke so fast? am i playing wrong class?

looking for good advice on build and shot rotation
BM is the only spec able to have a chance at contending with casters, and if you get caught with your cooldowns down then you are !@#$ed.

Go BM, Lynx Rush and just zerg people with damage, it's all we got. Also you can stampede+mend yourself every 5, but I wouldn't rely on this.
I mean it makes me just wana go back to battlefield 3 or star wars cause my shots just dont compete with elemental shammys , locks, mages, virtually every other ranged dps and just curious if theres any hope for ba hunter to hit hard and then we have 6 second deterance

Just seems like he hits like a !@#$%. would love sum input from a leet hunter that can help me hit hard at range cause surv and Marks just got me ready to sell account and start with something that can make another players life move down when i shoot um.

Are hunters just slaw now? link me some good info from leet hunters, no amaturs plz ty.

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