[A] Apocalypse Legion is recruiting

After a long hiatus since disbanding way in BC, Apocalypse Legion has re-opened its doors for Mists of Pandaria. Taking all comers of all classes, but specifically need warriors, locks, shammies, hunters, druids, mages, and any monk stragglers out there. Any former members are welcome to re-join as well. Looking to start small and casual, but level the guild up real fast. Soon, we'll proceed to tackle raid content and pvp competitively in the arenas and both rated and unrated battlegrounds.

Our raid history has a bit of a blank spot since being ranked 13th on the realm back in vanilla. However, those of us that have reconvened have been keeping sharp in other guilds, and on other servers. The plan is to hit the 5mans hard for the next couple weeks to prepare for Mogu'shan Vaults. Raids will probably be 2 or 3 weeknights yet to be determined from 7-10pm. Membership needs seem to have gotten pretty forgiving since the 40 and 25man days. Basically, our 5man crew needs another 5man crew to hook up with and do raids.

Our pvp crew has maintained a constant presence within the battlegroup ever since our Grand Marshals and Gladiators back in the day. You very well may have found one our alts in trade chat and done 2s or 3s for the weekly pointcap. Come be part of our longstanding tradition of cartoon violence.

For questions or concerns contact:
Me @ Battletag: Crowe#1431
Wow a blast from the past. I remember you guys, welcome back. Good luck!
join my guild...

...or i'll cut you

bump. still need everythin
bumpity bump bump.
still need an off-tank, healer, and ranged dps. up to level 22. raid-ready very soon. get in from the ground up
We're close to finishing up our roster for our 10 man raids. We're looking for couple ranged dps and healers.

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