Welcome Monks: Please Read!

Yes lets talk druids, they keep needing on my gears. Make em stop.
Still says Druid as of 3:35pm(best patch too) EST of January 22, 2013. That's a long typo.
what's up brothers
I laugh way to hard every time i read this haha
We should totally just derail the forum to druid talk and see how long it takes them to figure it out :)
Let's discuss druids here! :D
Druid FTW!!!
hey i am monk
Hi. I see you made it to 90, I was wondering if you had any advice on my DPS output I seem to be struggling. In recount I sit at about a 4 and I've seen monk my level rank much higher. I have changed my rotation and my talents and it doesn't seem to be working. I am getting discouraged since I'm usually a caster and have never struggled with them and their DPS output. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
Hey, you know what's good about Monks?
The'yre Tasty.
Too... Many.... Druids... Gahh!...

Well hello my fellow 'Monks'

ewww a place for us monks ...how special
Druids. Go level a monk den come back, k?
Hi, is this the Paladin section?
here should be the new lvl 100 monk move for the xpac

Spirit walker/ 2min cd 30yard range/- creates an unbreakable channel between the monk and the target for 12secs while channel lasts a spirit form of the monk stays within melee range of target at all times(you can be silenced and stunned but channel remains but immune to other cc's like sheep and blind) at the end of the channel transcendence: transfer to your spirit. while in Spirit walker state moves become enhanced

Jab- does 15% more damage and generates an extra chi point

Blackout kick- 75% of damage forms a life cocoon( bubble) on all allies within 40 yards of the monk

Rising sun kick- reduces the cool down by half and gives 70% chance to crit

uplift- reduces the cost to 1 chi increases healing done by uplift by 15%

Disable- target becomes rooted on first hit
I have a few questions about Monks, I've been playing the class since PTR before launch and there's some small things regarding monks I've wondered about.

For the Glyph of Breath of Fire has there been a known glitch this whole expansion? I've noticed that it works the first time I use it on a mob, but the DMR must be so high that if it DOES work any other time on the mob it's only for half a of second it seems. Is that intended?

With Blizz making plans to reduce Tank damage in WoD, how will that affect Brewmasters? I personally feel that Blizz did the BEST job on tanks by creating Brewmaster. It is a very active spec, mobile, and the idea of making a tank based off of "effective health" rather than large health pools/lots of static dodge feels very unique. But some would argue that Brewmaster's effectiveness derives from the damage they put out. More damage = More Guard shields on Raid and strength of shields, unless Blizz plans to drop the amount of damage required for black ox statue to cast Guard on raid.

The T16 Brewmaster 2pc really feels like it should be a baseline trait for Brewmasters, any plans?

I hear lots of complaints about FoF being a channeled move for melee, any plans to make this a "walk and channel" ability?

Chi Lightning is a pushback, but only against melee and ONLY if you're facing them when they hit you. Are there any plans to adjust the move so it pushes back on first contact? For WW and BrM this move currently has almost no use PVP/PVE.

Are there any plans to make the Glyph of Fire Blossom a baseline trait? It's not a glyph I find myself ever using, but it would still be very useful to have a homing root.

Since dizzying haze is a Brewmaster specific ability, are there any plans to ever make it affect bosses too?

Since Clash is Brewmaster specific as well, is it possible to implement a taunt with Clash in the same way that Death Grip affects it's targets? I have issues clashing with adds but then they immediately leave stun and continue onto their previous target.
09/25/2012 12:07 AMPosted by Bashiok
Welcome to the Monk forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the monk class with your fellow World of Warcraft players.

i think i read monk in this.
I came here THINKING I could get some good quality info on what is a Monk, what good or bad is a Monk, and should I make one and use the 90 booster on it.

So much for thinking ANY Blizzard forum was any good for anything.

Guess I'll have to go elsewhere to find info I need... somewhere totally unrelated to this game, to find out about this game. What a total waste. Only thing, seemingly that this website is good for is snatching my money.... oh, and telling me why I should let them snatch my money. *sigh*

Like lyrics on a Jeff Beck tune... "My Lords and Ladies, everyone is talking, but NOTHING is being done."

Or in this case, people are spewing and frothing at the mouth, but no one's saying anything of any value.

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