Realm Firsts

Earthen Ring
Who has what?

I've just gotten RF 600 Enchanting at 7:40 AM (ish)

If you've gotten a realm first or know a friend who has, please post here.
My Rouge Rayline got RF Leatherworking around 6 or 6:30 am ish
Ramencup got First Aid
Nagolix got Archaeology
I'll probably log in some time today. That will be a first for me...
To add to the list of ER Realm Firsts...

RF 90 + 90 Warrior = Clann <Pirates Never Die> (H)

RF Angler = Padrone <Phrontistery> (A)

RF Engineer = Solarflair <alea iacta est gravitas> (H)

RF Herbalist = Funnybot <Conjectural Technologies> (A)

RF Jewelcrafter = Charla <Dark Legend> (A)

Gratz to all!
I was the first Alliance 90. Does that count for anything?
I mean yes
RF 90 Death Knight-Vlk <The Corvus Coalition> (A)
RF 90 Druid -Jasarbre <The Corvus Coalition> (A)
RF 90 Rogue - Dreadful
RF Shaman - Mogonar <The Eleventh Hour>
Realm 1st awesome right here :P
First First Aid right here
Realm First COren Direbrew -
<Neckbeard EXCURSION!>
RF Cooking - Feiorai
RF Alchemy - Gracelore
RF Inscription - Travatha
RF Working as a Better Team - Veritas
Realm first Glory of the Panda Hero :3

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