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So, I cleared my WTF and cache folders completely. No Add ons on.. but the Pandaren vendor that sells the tabard and dragon turtle mounts in Orgrimmar is INVISIBLE to me. As in, it is just not there at all.

How do I fix this? D:

If it's any help I race changed my Blood Elf hunter into a Pandaren. maybe that messed it up? I dont' see how though..since it was a blood elf who laughed at me saying "IT's RIGHT HERE!"

Me: "No it's not....>.>"
There have been phasing issues of various types today.

Many say that if you join a random BG, this may clear itself. Certainly worth a try.

If that doesn't seem to help, I'd recommend submitting a petition so this can be looked into further.
09/25/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Calawate
All of us have submitted a petition. Apparently on Moon Guard Horde side - the Alliance killed the Pandaren mount vendor and it hasn't respawned for over 4 hours now.

This is the same thing that happened on Kil Jaeden. I and many others have been checking him for atleast 4hrs and he is never back. I even parked a toon by him and just switch to him and check if he is up, but he isnt respawning.

I'm having the exact same problem here in Twisting Nether in Stormwind.

No one can see him; he's been gone all day today.
I've moved a few of these over to the bug forum. I think the vendor may just be on vacation temporarily.

I believe they will most likely return after the next realm restarts - or at least the next restart after their shore leave has been cancelled :P
Edit: Not only are your 'facts' inaccurate, this isn't the place, Drixx.


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