Realm First List

Big Grats to all who put the time and effort into getting Realm Firsts!!!

Heres the list:

Overall-(it was a tie)
Realm First! Level 90: (A) Silent <GSO> [Rogue]
Realm First! Level 90: (A) Customs <GSO> [Warlock]

Realm First! Level 90 Death Knight: (A) Dkxlance <Seriously Casual>
Realm First! Level 90 Druid: (A) Tenebrai <Silhouette>
Realm First! Level 90 Hunter: (A) Kirbehroo <Vital>
Realm First! Level 90 Mage: (A) Prismatic <Origins>
Realm First! Level 90 Monk: (A) Feviir <Not Life Safe>
Realm First! Level 90 Paladin: (A) Cynosure <Origins>
Realm First! Level 90 Priest: (A) Haloz <Seriously Casual>
Realm First! Level 90 Rogue: (A) Silent <GSO>
Realm First! Level 90 Shaman:
Realm First! Level 90 Warlock: (A) Customs <GSO>
Realm First! Level 90 Warrior: (A) Emeraude <Seriously Casual>

Realm First! Pandaren Ambassador:

Boss Kills-
Realm First! Sha of Fear:
Realm First! Will of the Emperor:

Realm First! Working as a Better Team: (A) <Nothing Personal>

Realm First! Zen Master Alchemist: (A) Guaritore <Server First>
Realm First! Zen Master Angler: (A) Muffykin <reddit>
Realm First! Zen Master Archaeologist:
Realm First! Zen Master Blacksmith:
Realm First! Zen Master Cook: (A) Lethoian <Nothing Personal>
Realm First! Zen Master Enchanter: (A) Roynator <Insight>
Realm First! Zen Master Engineer: (A) Watscrackin <Only a Game>
Realm First! Zen Master Herbalist:
Realm First! Zen Master Jewelcrafter: (A) Guaritore <Server First>
Realm First! Zen Master Leatherworker: (A) Lethoian <Nothing Personal>
Realm First! Zen Master Medic: (H) Pallyomilly <VoS>
Realm First! Zen Master Miner: (A) Bloodsowrd <Seriously Casual>
Realm First! Zen Master Scribe:
Realm First! Zen Master Skinner:
Realm First! Zen Master Tailor: (A) Moxì<Nothing Personal>

If I missed anyone plz post so I can update list!!

Congrats again to all you no-life fools!
Realm First! Zen Master Medic or whatever goes to Pallyomilly of VoS.

Edit: Thanks for updating!
Congratulations to the realm firsts!

I must say, I'm very jealous.
wtb more names plz :)
Realm First Warrior was Emeraude.
I got server first pally if you want add it to your thread good sir , GSO for me as well
Hunter was Kirbehroo of Vital (A).
I wonder why they removed the list WoW kept, used to be able to go look at first similiar to a forum.
Updated, still need mage, shammy, and a lot of the the professions
<< Enchanting =D
Needs more Horde!
09/26/2012 01:17 PMPosted by Digerati
Needs more Horde!
Ima get IW to down the Sha boss, we had it to 80% today and then some Ally showed up.
Realm First - Angler - Muffykin <reddit>
Sha of fear was downed by a motley group of sc and others see gloves for proof yesterday
< First mage!
Realm first miner here
I never got so many whispers saying "F**k You!" in my life.
Ha, I got my share of hate tells as well. Highly entertaining :)

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