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09/27/2012 12:15 PMPosted by Tenebrai
Ha, I got my share of hate tells as well. Highly entertaining :)
Realm first Monk beat me to 90....I shouldn't have taken that 5 hour nap.

edit: Gratz to all realm first's, and to all who hit 90.
Realm first mage was Prismatic in Origins

Realm first paladin was Cynosure, also in Origins.
I heard Realm First Lock was KURSED AMIRITE?
Yo Czar.

Nice parasol.
Yo Czar.

Nice parasol.

Thanks. :)
KER-bump for update!

Congrats to all you realm firsters!
Realm First! Zen Master Cook: (A) Lethoian <Nothing Personal>

Cooker high-five, congrats on this! I missed release by a few days and losing the chance at this is my one regret. XD
09/27/2012 11:03 AMPosted by Bloodsowrd
Realm first miner here

Hey qt.
Updated, now just need these names plz!

Realm First! Level 90 Shaman:
Realm First! Zen Master Archaeologist:
Realm First! Zen Master Blacksmith:
Realm First! Zen Master Herbalist:
Realm First! Zen Master Scribe:
Realm First! Zen Master Skinner:

still up for grabs:

Realm First! Pandaren Ambassador:

Boss Kills-
Realm First! Sha of Fear:
Realm First! Will of the Emperor:
It was a tie for realm first qt gnome with Me and Scarella

Honorable mention was Lyconis.
Updated, now just need these names plz!

Realm First! Level 90 Shaman:

Believe his name is Hybriis :)
I was the only one to get 2 server firsts... /DANCE
09/25/2012 03:31 PMPosted by Lethoian
Realm First! Pandaren Ambassador:

They removed this from live.
Realm First Blacksmith is Brilliam from <Hootin n Hollerin>

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