Carter tavern ((Open RP))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
((this is an open rp tavern feel free to have fun and do stuff, I am the owner and the inkeeper so you cross me I'll be a pain in the butt, have fun :D))

A tavern just newly built on the outside of westfall. It's new paint glistening in the dim morning sun. Wayn Essiel, the owner and inkeeper of the fine establishment just got his order of stock shipped in and ready to open for buisness. The now open sign hung up along the top of the building and hawks perched on the lightpole looking down on the warrior that was now heading into the inn.

The inn was outputed with the newest furniture. The cushions were blue and even the bar stools, on request of course, would be covered with the blue cushions. The bar itself was glistening with the new wax spread upon the wood.

Wayn walked down the hall and looked into the rooms. There were 6 in all outfitted with a master bed in 2 of the rooms and the rest of the rooms housed 2 one-person beds. The stools and cupboards were placed on the right side of the room while the left had a long table set for room service.

Wayn walked back down and stood behind the bar his cooks now prepared to serve the hungry patrons of Azeroth their food. Wayn knelt on the wood and waited for the new visitors with coins jingling in their coin purses to come bustling into the new tavern.

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