5.0 Brewmaster PvE Guide

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Great guide, thank you for the effort.

I've used this to level up and continuously refer to it. I'm just now getting used to the roll->clash combo and love the way it feels for tanking
also i would like to add, not sure if anyone has said it already, that u can use clash to pull casters to a group by just doing a roll backwards, then clashing the caster, it should pull both u back to (well very close to) where u where standing before rolling and u'll get the caster closed in the other mobs, as well as stunning them as a bonus :D
I find Glyph of Breath of Fire useful for one thing: spell interrupts
this was a great guide, helped me out quite a bit thanks!
I honestly didn't know this thread existed .. but here is some corrections and personal imput.

There is currently a bug with the Black Ox Statue where the Guard it casts on your party/raid removes your personal Guard if it's up. More testing is needed to confirm; some reports indicate it only happens if Guard is glyphed, some say it happens all the time. Until this is fixed, I recommend not using the Black Ox Statue.

you can scrap that, it's a fixed bug.

Gift of the Ox - This is a passive, but it’s rather significant. As you fight, mini healing spheres will pop up around you, Diablo 3-style, up to a maximum of three. Bad brewmasters will ignore them, good ones will get them as they pop, but GREAT ones will leave 2 up at all times and snag them after they take a big hit. It procs about 15% of the time on specials, and about 20% on autoattacks (halve that for DW), so you’ll see a lot of these, especially when AoEing. Note that it's three per target.

there is a little confusion here. Gift of the Ox has no cap whatsoever.

Gift of the Ox =/= castable healing spheres. Those indeed you can have a maximum of 3. GotO you can have dozens up at the same time.

There's also no "three per target" rule. Tanking a single boss you can easily have a dozen around you.


Dampen Harm / Diffuse Magic - 90 sec CD. You get ONE of these abilities as your Level 75 talent choice. (Or Healing Elixirs, but I wouldn’t recommend that one unless you’re soloing.) Both talents are great; DM is great as a self-dispel/magic damage reducer, while DM is more situational but absolutely killer in those situations.

this is a little confusing. DM is great for self-dispel/magic while DM (?!) is more situational?

if anything, Dampen Harm is the "go to" tank cd, while Diffuse Magic is more situational. There's not even 2-3 fights were DM is more usefull. It's a pvp no-brainer-must-have talent though.

Tiger Strikes - Autoattacks can proc this, which gives you a few extra fast autoattacks

we don't have that anymore. It's only a WW and MW thing.

Level 45: Chi Brew or Power Strikes. With the nerf to Power Strikes, it's effectively equal in chi generation potential to Chi Brew. If you're just starting out, take Power Strikes so you don't have to worry about pressing an extra button. For more advanced tanks, you'll want Chi Brew for more controllable mitigation. Ascension…eh. Not a fan.

this is also outdated.

Power strikes = chi brew = ascension in terms of chi generation. It just changes how they are generated, but they give about the same "chi/minute"

Ascension atm is one of the best of the 3. More energy regen + 5 chi gives you more room and is more versatile than a static proc or a burst chi.

Gear, Stat Weights and Reforging

Stat weights are…complicated. Agility is clearly the best stat, but the importance of secondary stats varies dramatically depending on your view of Gift of the Ox and the level of content you're doing. Mastery is generally mediocre, but shines on hard hitting bosses, similarly to armor/stamina. Haste is great for AoE encounters since it decreases the channeling time of Spinning Crane Kick (which directly translates into more GotOx orbs) and more energy overall. Crit directly boosts Elusive Brew which is great for "must-dodge" encounters (think Halfus/Baleroc), and makes GotOX/EH healing more effective. Parry/dodge is kinda meh but workable, and doesn't really shine in any specific scenario. Lastly, hit/exp stacking increases chi generation and GotO procs. Overall, if you can successfully use GotO orbs to heal yourself, hit/expertise becomes the best stat (since you have to hit to proc them). If not, it’s close to the worst. My advice:

5-mans or sharing gear with a windwalker set: Hit/Exp to 7.5% cap/haste/crit/parry/dodge/mastery. You'll want stats than can boost your DPS to power through trash. Nothing should be hitting you overly hard, so mastery isn't a big deal. This is a good general setup.

High-Avoidance fights (aka some mechanic that means you want to parry/dodge as much as possible): Parry/Dodge/Hit&Exp to 7.5%/crit/haste/mastery. Self-explanatory.

Progression Raiding/spike damage: mastery/hit&exp to 7.5%/parry/dodge/haste/crit. You won't want to use this setup frequently; this is purely designed to blunt big hits as much as possible, so your overall damage taken will go up but the overall spikes will be smoother. You will likely also want to gem stamina to some degree.

I don't agree with this advice for a couple of reasons:

- 5 mans it's ok.
- "high avoidance fights" .. there's really no such thing at this point in the expansion. Fights are so diverse that there's really no way to have a gear for each situation. And gearing for parry/dodge is not a good plan at all. The amount you'll get from rating is pathetic, and you'll have much more uptime on active mitigation (which is something controllable) by focusing on resource generation.

Just check what all the cool kids are doing:
- 7.5% hit
- 15% exp (some people argue about only going up to 7.5% but I don't like rng)
- haste until 14 or 15energy/sec mark
- dump the rest on crit and forget about mastery/dodge/parry.

Haste is probably the best stat all around for BrM. Having a great energy regen pretty much breaks all the barriers on resource limitation and allows you to use skills at a much faster and efficient rate. It basically allows you to use everything .. more. Generating more chi allows you to:
- keep shuffle uptime higher
- use purefying brew more often
- using guard without sacrificing shuffle
- using self heal mechanics (Zen sphere and chi wave) more often.

and it also boosts how often you auto attack, which directly impact how often you generate EB stacks, GotO procs, even dancing steel procs (all those proc rates are modified in a way, by having more haste).

you guide in general is good, but some information here is really misleading. And the 1st thing of making a guide is updating it when mechanics change.
I love your transmog Leeflow. I just wonder though, do you realise you have a spirit trinket what that awesome agility PvP gear? D:
I do .. I have a full healing pvp set, but only recently I started building an agi pvp set... and I still didn't get enough honor/conquest to buy every slot of gear.

and since the "break CC" trinket is a must have .. the healer's version of it is getting the job done until I buy the dps one =p
Ah xD Just looked funny at 3am in the morning ^_^
is anyone still getting crushed by trash in the beginning of pulls? just wondering because i die in 2 hits even with fortifying brew up. would this be something blizz needs to look into in the future because getting called !@#$ty tanks because of trash deaths is a bit much when i am doing everything correct.
if you are getting crushed .. it's 101% chance that you are not doing everything correct. I don't get crushed on pulls of 5-6 mobs on challenge modes, so there's nothing wrong with our survivability on the beginning of the pull.

what are you doing?

something as simple as "keg smash > blackout kick" when you pull is enough to not get crushed.

ps. you shouldn't be gemming for stam.
Lee, thanks so much for your updates!

I now have some time to dedicate to my BM Monk that I hit 90 with a month or so back. I have several 90's so I have to divvy up my time:)

Right now, I am at Ilvl 447. I can hit 7.5 hit, so now while going through heroics and the like, should I continue to try and reach the EXP cap of 15 percent next? I know that I should keep haste as high as I can get it, correct?

Thanks for the help!
Can we just get this thread un-stickied already?

It was inaccurate when it was made and it hasn't kept up with changes (like the Guard/Black Ox Statue fix), it's even worse now.

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