Easy Exp fellow friends

Congrats to those whom got server firsts ;

Here a couple secret hidden treasure locations for you all to pick up while you run past the area.

Drop a Guild Banner for Bonus EXP when you pick them up.

Jade Forrest
1. Coin in the well at the SUN Shrine - After the Copter Quest
2.Tea Pot -Bugged - At the Second Shrine - Phases in and out - Can't seem to pick this one up.
3. Tablet of something - On a little Island, Lake Kitti - When you go pick up the fish and kill crocs/fish.

1. West of Zhu Watch - Saurok Tablet - Quest to kill Sauroks in there also.
2. Some notes on the hill near Nayeli Lagoon - Not worth grabbing, But if you want too.

Valley -
Didnt find any

Veiled Stair -
1. Run East of the BMH - Up the Hill - the Hammer is on the ground

Kun-Lai Summit
1. Riktikk's Tick Remover 52.6/51.6
2. Terracotta Head 59.2/74.5 <--Moves around - Where the co-ord is, look all around the walls.
3. Statue of Xuen 72/33.9 - Under Fountain in Zouchin Village
4. Top of Mount Everest - Rare - Might not be there - A Tablet.
5. Tablet of Mogu- 64.2/45.1 - AS you are running to the baloon to Zouchin Village - on the right hand side behind pillar

Townlong Steppes
1. Hardened Sap of Kri'vess - 57.5/58.5 - Moves all around the tree
2. Fragment of Dread 37.2/87.8 - Moves around the cave

Dredd - Amber Encased Moth 65.8/85.1 - You get quest while your in Townlong so just grab then.

If your rested, It gives double EXP - They range from 100k to 400k. With Gbanners More - With rested you can expect 1Mill EXP from some.

Hope it helps. And i think i got them all.
These items can be found here ;


But not all of them have the locations - Thank me, Caldera and Rokstock for the ones without locations.
Nice list there Mooniee. Hope Alliance players can get something similar one day.
Pretty sure alliance can grab them as well.

Didn't think they were horde only.

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