alchemy -why cant i level ?

09/26/2012 05:51 PMPosted by Jademcian
From my understanding the trainer should give me two right off the bat. It's not an addon issue. How do I fix this?

According to your armory you have alchemists rejuv and master healing pot.

Start making them.
Thanks for pointing that out. They weren't displaying in my alchemy list, so I figured I was mistaken about training them. Since they're in the armory it's clearly a display issue locally. I'll fix it.
how would you fix a display issue like that? i have it also and i have NO idea!

I must have posted that link a dozen times this week:( make sure your add ons are disabled as well.
09/26/2012 10:27 AMPosted by Kalorea
I'm wondering the same thing about leatherworking at 590 skill. No recipes from the trainer and everythings green.

Well you can get to 600 via green. Or you can unlock the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (requires level 87 I think) and go to the LW vendor there.
Like others have said, you get it through discovery. My alch is sitting at 590 and hasn't left SW btw.
I'm the same.. I have the trinket [Zen Alchemist Stone] and I'm at 550 skill level, but not being offered any MoP recipes. Is it because I never did the specialization quests, do you think?
I saw elsewhere that addons could corrupt the UI and prevent these recipes from displaying. That was the case with me - I disabled all my addons then logged in to find the missing ones were in my book!
09/26/2012 10:55 AMPosted by Sempaijared
i bought the lotus for 800 each on my server.

You can also turn in one Spirit of Harmony in the city in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms for 3x Golden Lotus.

Alchemy leveling and recipes is all done through discovery now. Just make whatever Pandaria recipes you have and you will discover orange recipes.
Had the same frustrating problem yesterday. I upped my max alchemy skill to 600 in Orgrimmar and learned a couple pseudo-new recipes (Flask of Enhancement -> Alchemist's Flask), but no MoP recipes.

"Ok, guess I need to visit Pandaria anyway since I need herbs."

Several hours later...

"Arrgh!!! Ni Gentlepaw still won't teach me anything! I don't know what to do..."

So that's why I'm here today. I'll try disabling my addons when I get on tomorrow and hopefully it resolves the issue.
Alaya, you should have learned a couple recipes when you got the training for alchemy to go past 525. Use those and the herbs you get in Jade Forest on those recipes and you will learn more recipes. Its Northrend style with no cooldown.

Blizzard are trying to ensure that characters that are being played actively will level professions faster than alts.

This is one of the measures they have taken. For now you cant play with a gatherer and then level up all the professions with a toons sitting at 85 back in Orgrimmar.

I really can't see why people are having so much trouble with this.

Inscp/LW/Alch all 600 not leaving ORG and JC/Tailoring 590 just waiting on mats, but could easily buy them off the AH to finish it if needed (But can do it via daily research/cloth).

As for the Alchemy problem some people seem to be having?

Make items -> every 1-4 you will get a new one ( YES EVEN LONG IN TO GOING GREEN).

Now people who are "bugged" IS it not only, NOT showing up in the Professions window?, but ALSO NOT showing up in the Chat window?, with the ding for each one learn't?

(Could be a problem if this was the case, but to have not only chat/prof window AND the "Learn ding" not showing up? I really very much doubt that, would have to be running some crazy !@# bugged out mods for that!)

Wouldn't you do the smart thing and check to see with EVERY new item discovered if it uses more or less mats? or one that gives you better saving on mats with something that gives you a 5x level up?

Master Healing Potion Alchemist's Rejuvenation Are the items you learn off the trainer, IF you tried maxing out from old CATA recipes, they might have gone grey? IF SO you still need to make them, so going off leveling old CATA ones is kind of pointless TBH.

"When making this potion, you have a chance to learn other Pandaria alchemy recipes.

Discovered recipes can also reveal additional recipes when created."

Maybe this could be a problem?

I got to 600 with only 3 recipes left to discover, RNG mebe? (ALL Green at 590)

And like 15 or so pots to get the last 3 needed.
Having the same problem. Reset my UI and still no initial 2 recipes.. Whats annoying, besides not being able to level up, is I am running out of space to store herbs I have gathered. Went ahead & reported a bug/submitted a ticket.
09/30/2012 08:08 AMPosted by Sinslady
Alaya, you should have learned a couple recipes when you got the training for alchemy to go past 525. Use those and the herbs you get in Jade Forest on those recipes and you will learn more recipes. Its Northrend style with no cooldown.

(Sorry, didn't have a chance to post again until now.)

I checked my armory and it does show Master Healing Potion & Alchemist's Rejuvenation as having been learned. From what I've learned from this thread, they are trained at 500 -- so must be gray because it didn't show up in the "has skill up" filter.

...I was also about to mention them not displaying under "have materials", but I just had a light bulb moment -- I didn't have any Crystal Vial in my bags. And I still don't.
How the heck can it get it? I am broke and my alcehmist is not a herbalist. Does that mean i am just plain sh*t out of luck as far as getting my zen alchemist's stone? Very very sad panda! :(
You should get at some point the quest from a mob for the stone. To level up Alchemy, you only need to make MoP level items. Doing so should also teach you the rest of the recipes that you can learn without needing reps.

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