Resto Druid DPS

Feels very Vanilla going between cat/bear/caster form! I also really like how I'm able to do 8-10k DPS on some boss fights, while keeping the group topped off. Awesome :)

Mangle was an excellent addition to the Balance/Restoration spellbooks.
its fun in resto but, while sounds good for balance i havent used it at all in pve or pvp kinda crappy....

because of GCD u cant even utilize it when u get a 4-5 second silence, because going catform 1.5gcd then back to moonkin 1.5gcd thats 3 sec and what then u get 1 mangle in? if their close and u are perfectly timed.

otherwise a gcd filler on the run 1 moonfire spam is better.

bash isnt nesasery for bear

infact i no longer use bearform except for laststand.

catform for speed/displacer beast and stealth and the oddd pounce here and there.

but all in all it feels good in resto but for balance is bleak...
everthing is fine.
This is definitely something I want people to consider. If you're finding healing too easy, help out your group; you'd be surprised how much you can contribute.

Here's the DPS meters of a dungeon just now. Remember, I'm healing and DPSing. No one died :)

Final boss fight (no lust):
Overall dungeon:

"Your group was terrible!" - yeah that's not my point. I'm showing you how you can keep your group alive and help the run go faster :)

This isn't really viable in raiding and also not in heroics while you're gearing up, but give it a try. It adds a new dimension to grinding dungeons :)
I'm actually leveling as a kitty, but in resto spec. It's wonderful. Moonfire/wrath spam takes about 3 times as long to kill something, and when I'm alone I use the treants to heal me up, when I dungeon, I switch to incarnation. I'm really loving the changes to druids this xpac!!
For those of you like myself doing restokitty make sure you have a "feral" weapon equipped. The base dps from those weapons make soloing as resto a breeze. I heal instances even with my feral weapon. Nobody has ever even got close to dying, though I'm expecting this to change during heroics...only time will tell. I too enjoy the 22k crit mangles and 52+k crit fb as resto =P.

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