hit lvl 20 on my pandarian and no mount? whaaaaaaaaaaat?
Panda's run on all 4's and are their own mount at 20.

Awesome that a Warrior is on a Monk forum asking about racial mounts.
What does it matter which toon he posts on? Most people rolling a Monk or Pandaren are still posting on their mains.
It does not matter. I was just answering a troll in troll like manner.

That actually makes sense now.

I need food.
im not trolling it was a real seems to be bugged atm least thats what everyone is saying on the server im on thats standing around the vendor area. so ya im trolling...
The Mount Vendor is attackable, so it's usually dead until that gets fixed.
Why would the Mount Vendor be attackable?!?!?!
Glad I bought my mount when I did... I haven't seen him around since. That explains why, thank you.
I tried to buy my mount in SW last night, but the vendor was just corpse or anything. I waited around for 15 vendor. Went and did a couple of randoms, and still no vendor.

I dont think this is a vendor getting killed issue.

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