Cooldown on Zen Pilgrimage?

I used it.. and couldn't get back to where i was because its on a 25minutes cooldown..?
So long as you don't leave the Peak of Serenity, it shouldn't go on cooldown until you cast Zen Pilgrimmage: Return.
The same thing happened to me. Used it to get to Peak of Serenity and I had to hearthstone out due to the CD being triggered
Yes, I had this happen to me during leveling. Had to wait for my hearth CD. Longest 9 minutes of my life when you are racing the other monks on your server
The CD is bugged and sometimes triggers the first time you cast it heading to the Peak. Report it and wait for a fix I suppose.
Yep, bugs out sometimes. Only done it once, so it's not too bad, really.
Right now, Zen Pilgrimage works by locating a pre-designated waypoint near you, using that as your return spot (I used Zen Pilgrimage outside of the old shack where the Ambercombie quests used to be in Duskwood; I was ported to the pre-designated waypoint of the entrance to the graveyard.)

I guess sometimes, it's unable to find a way point near you that meets its parameters, so it just goes on cool down. Haven't used it enough yet, but it might just use graveyard spawn points too.
I was right near a graveyard when I was casting it though, I used it to see if the daily was back up and then I had to hearth all the way back to Darkshire and fly back to Chillwind.
I had the same problem today, as did my husband. Had to hearth and fly back to Nagrand. Sux!
had happened to me 2 or 3 times now
It usually happens to me if I log out in the peak of serenity
Still having this issue PLEASE fix this blizzard.
Had this happen to me today. . .
12/08/2012 09:46 AMPosted by Monktastick
Had this happen to me today. . .

Me too. Is this a bug or is this intended?

Not seeing how our buff that lasts for 60 minutes will help much if we can't get out of there for 30. Lucky my hearth wasn't on cool down, but then I had to take the time to get back to where i was questing.
happens about half the time for me... LF Blue post
On my Monk I could not leave Peak of Serenity any way.....First I zoned in and did the level 70 quest, then clicked Zen Pilgrimage to return to Summers Rest where I came from. Nothing happened except a standard npc message of "The peaks are very dangerous be careful out there."

So still standing in front of the NPC's I click my hearth (Summer's Rest) and the same thing happens, there i am in front of the same NPC's saying the same thing as before. I waited for my hearth to finish it's cooldown thinking it miss fired or somthing.....Nope same thing again, a little annoyed i grabbed my Wife's mage to port me out. Even then ending right back at the NPC's.

I put a ticket in being stuck and a kind gentleman comes to help....although it takes him a good 10 minutes to move me back he eventually sorts it out and tells me not to accept any Battleground or Dungeon invites / queues as this messes everything up and is a known issue. Thats fine and all but i didn't accept anything but the 70 quest and to click Zen Pilgrimage (Shrug)

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It is broken. Every time I cast it on my Monk, it takes me to Badlands. Then I have to use it again to go to the peak. Then when I want to return to my original spot, it takes me back to the badlands and leaves me there. It is basically only good one way, then I gotta port to Org, and fly from there. The spell needs fixed.
1st: this thread was from 2012
2nd: it is not broken people just don't use it correctly
3rd: they removed Zen pilgrimage return and added portals
3rd: they removed Zen pilgrimage return and added portals
Not true.
06/16/2014 02:42 PMPosted by Nuline
Not true.

Regardless they removed the way return worked as to not have it bug but function in a similar way

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