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This is something I crammed together while bored earlier tonight.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an RPer. I don't have the best writing technique. My Lore is pretty rough at best. But I had a scenario in my head and just started typing. Also this is a seriously rough put-together that I thought i'd just put up.

So, if you like it, ty. If not, well, you don't.

"Let's start at the beginning."
"Which Beginning?"
"Yours. I'm curious, how did Tauren become....what did you call it?"
"A paladin."
"Right. How does one become a paladin?"
"The same way your people choose their callings. Practice, focus, a constant willingness to learn."
"True. Tell me, when did YOU become a paladin?"
"....I don't remember. I simply remember being told what I would become. I never really doubted what I was doing. I simply followed and did what was expected of me."

"Of course. Now, tell me about how you arrived here. You obviously come from a different land, and im sure you didn't bring yourself here by sheer force of will."
"You demand a lot from an old bull."
"I saved your life."
"Good point."
"So? How did you get here?"
"One of Garrosh's airships. He had heard of the Alliance ships running aground here, and wanted everything."
"...You see those trees outside?
"Of course."
"You see the birds who reside inside of the tree?"
"At least one or two, yes."
"Do you see the stains they leave on the ground while they fly?"
"Hah. I've stepped in and been a target of it once or twice. Why are you asking these questions?"
"He wanted all of it."
"There was an initial attack force. I heard reports of it when I arrived here. An airship came in on what now would've been called a suicide mission. Instead, they took out Thunder Hold, where the alliance made camp and holed up inside."
"I heard the explosions. We assumed it was simple an earthquake. We had experienced some before. Our elders meditated on it. Claimed it to be something...very powerful."
"....You could say that."

"So you still havent told me how you arrived here."
"*sigh* After the initial assault on the Alliance base, the Horde sent in mages to open a portal with the help of your own people. That's when the call was sent out."
"The call?"
"Garrosh rallied the Horde to take this land. I was in Orgrimmar when I was ordered to show at Grommosh Hold, Garrosh's headquarters."
"Couldn't you just refuse? You're not a man of violence, from what I can tell. You could just walk away from it."
"And go where? I couldn't go back home. Mulgore, and it's surrounding lands, are all in Horde territory. And the Alliance would kill me on sight. I had nothing to go back to, anyway. It would've been a matter of time before I was either dragged in front of Garrosh and sentenced to a life in prison, or killed in front of him."
"You had no significant other?"
"I'm sorry to prod, but, what happened?"
"She was an elder of a different tribe. She made...terrible decisions. Through deceit and trickery, she had Garrosh kill our leader, Cairne. Garrosh didn't know what was going on at the time. Cairne had challenged him in a battle of honor, and she poisoned Garrosh's weapon."
After Cairne was killed, she had ordered her tribe to attack our home, Thunder bluff, and the surrounding towns around it. They killed everyone inside who wasn't able to defend themselves. Baine eventually came back with a force and reclaimed the area.
They exiled her and the few followers that remained loyal to a distant mountain range. If anyone were to see her again, they would kill her."
"And in the attack, she-"
"How did you find out?"
"A friend whom I keep in touch with in Thunder Bluff came to find me after everything had calmed down. They were in the process of finding survivors and rebuilding villages when ....when they found her."
"I'm sorry."
"Sorry doesn't bring her back."
"What happened afterwards?"
"I went to Thunder Bluff. Each victim was given a proper burial, as is tradition. I lit her pyre. That's the last time I saw her."
"It must have been hard, losing someone you cared so deeply for."
"How did you deal with that?"
"....I didn't."

(and finishing)

"So, you came through the portal?"
"Yes. After getting orders from one of Garrosh's generals, we were marshaled into the portal."
"And then?"
"Then I felt....i'm not sure how to describe it. Pain? Doubt? Anger? Fear? It was an amalgamation of negative emotions that hit most of us all at once. One of us turned into one of those....things."
"Then what?"
"I put him down."
"Just like that?"
"What would you have done?"
"...Good point. So, what will you do, now? You were told to stay here?"
"I don't know. I was told to find help, here. I found it and the expedition force went out. I respect your desire to stay neutral during all of this."
"Thank you. We have enough to take on right now, with our land reacting in ways we cannot possibly understand. The land itself finds negative motions and....transforms a person. Turns them into physical manifestations of whatever emotion is strongest in their heart. Keep a steady head and keep your emotions in check."

"Next time i'm around, i'll buy the next drink."
"I'll probably be brewing it, anyway."
"Next time, Pandarian."
"Next time, Tauren. Oh, I never asked your name before prying into your personal life."
"Valliac. Yours?"
"I hope i'll be back sometime soon, then. A pleasure."
"I'll have to ask more stories, next time."
I found it a nice read.
It's a fun little read, and as interesting for the OOC context as it is for the IC stuff going on. There's a lore hiccup or two in there, but I really like the way Valliac explains Garrosh's reasons for being there.
I liked it, I thought it was a good story/ conversation.
Nice story Valli!

Although every time I read "transformed into one of them" I think of zombies.


Then again SHAmbies could totally be a thing >.>
Well, technically one of the orcs did kinda...well transform in the opening quests to Pandaria. Couldn't really think of a word at the time.

Also, it WAS kinda 3am when I wrote it. >.>
I liked it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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