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I'm level 81 currently in Mount Hyjal and the quests just stopped. I've flown to every flight place in the area and I can't find any quests, I only have 2 dungeon quests and one in orgimmar, I abandoned 1 quest cause it isn't do-able, will I need to do that quest to continue on?

Is there any other place to quest at level 81?
I watched a video on the quest and I was trying to rescue the wrong things, woops :P
I finished the quest and got more now, so don't worry
Glad you sorted it out! One of the best ways to handle those sorts of things that I have found has been to go to Wowhead, and search the quest name. The quest description is not usually of much help, but chances are if you aren't getting it done, at least a 100,000 other people had the same problem, and what I've found is that the comments are almost always directly to the point as to what you are doing wrong, or if there is a bug, will describe the workaround that you would probably have not been able to come up with.


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