Aggro Seems Iffy?

If you are having aoe threat issues use Holy Wrath and consecrate on CD with HotR. guarantee you the problem will be solved.

Threat isnt a dmg issue anymore it is a threat generation issue now. just have to use the right threat generators.

Tab targeting to get stacks up on each target helps as well.
I'm usually doing anything from 10-20k dps depending on the number of mobs in the pull. I've always been a lose-dps tank, even when I was hit/exp capped.

General AoE rotation: AS, Judgement, Wrath, Consecrate, HotR, Sacred Shield, and then repeat on cooldown/proc.

I've tanked on this character since she was made, and have been the main tank for my guild for a long time. I know the mechanics, and how to manipulate threat/damage. Something has definitely shifted. Intentional or not, I have no idea.

Mechanics have changed quite a bit though. Are you sure you are Doing it right? Cons Should be higher in your rotation for example. Its our top aoe ability and just under HoW and our level 90 talents for single target.

In DS with AW and HA up i do around 35-40k burst dps. Meaning it takes around 200k burst dps to out threat me. If your doing 20k then it takes 100k burst dps to pull off you.

So EITHER A)DPS are not targetting your target B) DPS are attacking before you get there C) you are not using the right rotation or D) You are getting a series of dodges/parries/ and misses on the pull

Cant do anything about A&B those are DPS L2P issues. C) you say you have this one right so ill give you the benefit of the doubt.

D) Your hit/exp are very low. We have 500% threat DPS should NOT be pulling off of you unless they are doing 5x your damage (are they? If they are then your rotation is probably the issue). But if your attacks are avoided on the pull...well whats 500% of 0? 0. You need more hit/exp. 6% for heroic 5mans, 7.5% for raids.

Also let me ask you this: How are you doing the pulls?

Before the max threat dps pull was Divine plea->inq->AW->exo->J->AS. This was a series of spells with a very low chance of being avoided that created a huge amount of threat and did not require you to run in.

Now, however, we no longer have exo or inq and can not afford to stand there waiting for mobs to come to us. We have to physically run in on the pull as we spam our ranged abilities and use AW (and HA if you have it).

Not sure if this might be the issue but it could be.

09/28/2012 08:55 AMPosted by Eralen
The only point is that before 5.0, they didn't have to.

They still shouldn't have too. Once again, how are you doing your pulls? You should also be using cons more and HotR/HW for more snap threat in aoe. Similarly for aoe SoR does less damage than SoT till around 5-6 targets but it does more snap threat. What seal are you using.

09/28/2012 08:55 AMPosted by Eralen
If you're running with someone smart enough to realize that fact, yes. I used to be able to compensate for idiots. I was rather proud of it. That has been mechanically removed as an option.

Did you ever have a dk pop army on a 5man boss who was HAD to be moved? There was no way to compensate for that type of idiocy prior to 5.0. Currently pets are bugged and you should not worry about that. Mechanic wise they now have true taunts and like with dk armies in 5mans there is no way to compensate for that and thats ENTIRELY the hunters fault.

Further (caps for emphasis not shouting) ITS NOT OUR JOB TO COMPENSATE FOR THAT DEGREE OF IDIOCY!!! We are not supposed to single handedly carry a group. There is suppose to be a point that someone being a moron is supposed to wipe the group.

09/28/2012 08:55 AMPosted by Eralen
The 5.0 changes were pretty minor for us, really, so I adapted quickly. There are some key situations that don't add-up is all.

Rotationally? Your right not much change. Overall? I greatly disagree with you. Our block was changed, our abilities were changed, our stats were changed. We cant block cap, we get far more out of parry (which has a new cap on it), we get less out of dodge (new cap on it), Block has Diminishing returns now and we have a new k constant. Exp was weakened, hit was strengthened and both now have mitigation values.
09/28/2012 08:55 AMPosted by Eralen
General AoE rotation: AS, Judgement, Wrath, Consecrate, HotR, Sacred Shield, and then repeat on cooldown/proc.
Just a note on this, I've found that I get better results using HotR to keep the debuff up and then picking out mobs that are being DPS'd and using CS on them instead. I imagine in really large groups it may not be as efficient this way, but for most heroic trash pulls it seemed to work better.

Though, in general I haven't been having problems beyond hunter pets.
09/27/2012 10:58 AMPosted by Phoenix
Only had threat issues with aoe packs, bosses I'm fine but you get 6-8 mobs and it becomes incredibly more difficult to hold aggro on them all.
I honestly think the problem is just mobs that aren't hitting you hard enough. When I do something like the Brewfest boss, or some of the trash before the final two bosses in heroic Shadow-Pan Monastery, I put up crazy high dps numbers.

I consistently do 50-60k dps on Coren Direbrew. I ran it over and over because I felt bad that all we got were tank trinkets. There was a level 90 mage in the group that was able to pull similar numbers as me, sometimes more sometimes less.

I'm sitting here looking at recount of my last shadow-pan run and I was pulling 55-77k on the trash up to the last boss, and that was with seal of insight. If you haven't done that dungeon yet, especially on heroic, trust me you don't want to just aoe pull some of that trash towards the end unless you have to or are just curious to try it out like we were.

Personally I think our damage outside of vengeance is a bit too low.

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