Mailboxes in Pandaria (and lack of)

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I am having a hard time finding mailboxes in Pandaria, there seems to be maybe 1 or 2 in a zone.. Its a bit annoying flying across a whole zone because I don't want to vend boes or skins :( I don't know if anyone else is having this issue, but its driving me crazy >.<
Aye, I had the same issue. They seem excessively sparse.
I don't think I ever saw a mailbox leveling either of the toons I've taken to 90 so far. I thought they didn't exist out there.
i've seen them all over the place, usually outside inns
Sorry, me and a few buds got a good buzz and took a bat to a few of them.. Sincerest apologies.
There's plenty of them. Your race's starting city, Dawn's Blossom, Halfhill, there's a couple in Krasarang, in Kun-Lai, in all the Temples...

You're just not bothering to look.
Engineers can make a portable Mailbox, not sure of MoP added one that doesn't require Engineering to use.
There are lots inside the cities, but most zones only seem to have one or two mailboxes. With my lack of bag space, I was a bit annoyed at this.
There are tons... o.O I was tripping over them.

Remember back in the day, when there was one mailbox in SW >.>

This... I see them all over the place, the only possible issue is they tend to "blend in".

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