[RP] A Wanted Poster

Wyrmrest Accord
In cities across the Horde, a new wanted poster has gone up on the bulletin boards. The parchment include a rough sketch of a Blood Elven female with dark red hair colored in and the following words below:

For crimes against the War Machine and the venerable Warchief himself, the Kor'Kron guard is requesting that ALL HORDE CITIZENS BE ON THE LOOKOUT for this Blood Elf, Vyn'allan Desperi Shadesworn! The Blood Elves of her city are also looking for this criminal, who is guilty of Treason, selling Military Secrets to the Alliance, and Attempted Sabotage of the Theramore mission! The criminal is to be brought, dead or alive, to Hellscream himself, so that he may reward you with untold riches for your loyalty! Lok'tar ogar!

The same poster appears in Alliance cities, with differences in text:

Citizens of the Alliance! King Varian has issued a warrant for the immediate arrest of this Blood Elf, Vyn'allan Desperi Shadesworn! This is no ordinary Horde mongrel. This woman shares responsibility for the creation of the Mana Bomb that was dropped on our beloved Port of Theramore, and worse yet, she is also guilty of crimes against the High Elven people, including kidnapping, forced tainting, and MURDER! Such heinous crimes shall not go unpunished by the Light and all that is good! Do your part by bringing this criminal to justice, and return her to Stormwind in shackles! Remember Theramore! For the Alliance!

Both of these posters also appear in Dalaran and Shattrath, spreading the word as far as it can, maybe even blowing through the four winds...

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