MoP Inscription: Scroll of Wisdom Unusable?

The first Scroll of Wisdom I used in MoP worked just like the Northrend / Minor Inscription research, except that it consumed the Scroll while learning a new glyph.. (working as expected).

It of course had a 24 hr. cooldown, the next day when the cooldown reset I was unable to use another. No error message, no red cooldown text and no consumption of the Scroll - just a completely unresponsive item.

Today has been the same, is there some trick to using the Scrolls of Wisdom for Inscription research that I'm unaware of, or is this a bug I'm encountering?
you don't use scroll of wisdom to learn a glyph, you learn a glyph when you craft it. I dont know what you did with the scroll of wisdom because it has no "on use" effect so you must have crafted something with it.
OOooh, gotcha - that makes sense then, I was working with that Inscription teacher in Jade when this all happend. Thank you!

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