Mechanical gnome -- what works well with it?

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My thought is to get a Restless Shadeling to go with the Mechanical Gnome, though I'm not sure where are how they are obtained. Looking through the pet journal, the Shadeling has an ability that "plagues" a target so that whatever pet on your team hits it, will be healed. The reason I think this would work very well with the mechanical gnome is its ability to have up to 2-3 turrets up at a time. That way, your gnome can have turrets out, and you can switch out to another pet, and whenever the turrets damage the plagued target, your gnome will be healed while safe from attack.

I'm not sure what the third pet would be on that team.
Mechanical = Strong against beasts (Likely bears in PvP, which you want to stomp before they stomp you); weak against elementals (Ragnaros, Phoenix hatchling)
Undead = Strong against Dragonkin (Lots of dragonkin being used in pvp), weak against critters (Not often used) and Aquatic get a power bonus against it I think (Sometimes but not often used)

Undead is a pretty strong type for PvP for those reasons. You might want to make up for the mechanical's elemental disadvantage by adding a critter (Strong against elemental, weak against beast)

What would be the best critter to use? A healer?

What other good comps can you think of that would work well with the mech gnome?
I honestly think the Clockwork Gnome is too OP. Having 3 turrets up at once even at only level 15 is an additional 225 (approx) damage per round, and it even hits pets that are flying.

I think the cooldown needs to be increased on that ability.
Make another thread for QQ please (no offense intended). This thread is intended to discuss strategy.
Mechanical yeti w/ storm ability, unless you run into a water elemental.
...Jenzul :|:|:| <3

I found a rare robo-chick in Winterspring which is pretty decent. When it heals itself, it also heals the mech. gnome. Would definitely grab an aquatic for a team with two mechs though, for fear of elementals.

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