Daily Quest locations plz

I'm having a lot of trouble locating all of the "100s of daily quest" I have only found about 20 and that's bec. i got quest sending me there. Does anyone happen to have a daily quest guide or addon or something bec. for many years all i've had to do is go to a fairly obvious area to get my dailies now i have to turn a continent upside down just to find one. So plz someone help me.
same can only find 20
The golden lotuc quests are easy to find and are the main ones that I do in Vale, but there are more in Dread Wastes with the Klaxxi (not sure what their little town thing is called, but its toward the center of the zone), I was able to get the "Every Day I'm Panda-a-ren" acheivement for going 25 dailies in one day by doing these. I do not know where any others are though. I have heard that there are shado-pan dailies at the shado-pan garison, but I went there and did not see any.
The anglers have daily quests in southern Krasarang, and in southwest Krasarang there are more Shadopan quests.

Try the eastern side of Jade Forest for the cloud serpent faction.

There are also isolated dailies around as well. For instance, the Yeti-stomping one in northwest Kun Lai Summit.
Anglers in the Wilds.
Cloud Serpents in Jade Forest.
Klaxxi in Dread Waste.
Golden Lotus in Vale.
Tillers are in the Valley.

Shado-Pan and the other one, what is it... Celestials or whatever. Those two's daily hubs only unlock once the Golden Lotus reputation has reached revered.

Black Prince rep is gained via kills.
Lorewalker rep is gained through visiting the history spots around pandaria.

Edit: Some factions, most notably the Klaxxi, will be strictive on dailies if you did not complete certain quests in their respective zones. Example of this is the Klaxxi "paragons" you release during certain quest chains.
What I would like to know is what was blizz thinking as far as rep goes. The Golden Lotus has a good amount of quests which is nice, but at 143ish per quest it will take weeks to get to revered so you can unlock the other rep quests. The quests should be giving out 300-500 each or have some additional way to farm the rep, killing mobs/tabard/something! As it is right now I think I have an additional 12 days to get revered so I can start getting shado-pan and celestial rep.

Another issues I have found is when I'm exalted with klaxxi i can buy a weapon that's of herioc quality for gold, but in order to reach exalted, it looks like weeks if not months of doing dailies. what is the point of being able to buy a herioc bow if by the time I can get it I will have already been raiding for months?
without any kind of tabard to dungeon grind those of us who hate questing are bottled in to weeks of pain ... esp after grind to 90 was bad enough ...

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