Arms warrior LF late night raiding

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Arms warrior, fresh re-roll into MOP. Played a holy/ret paladin since beginning of wrath. Pick up on mechanics quickly. I do research into majority of classes, I try to play threw them all to know them better. Research and prepared for raids. No proffesions yet as I post this, will be leveling some asap as this will be my main in MOP.
I am looking for a DPS raid spot with raid starting at 12300-0100 am pacific time. I am open to transferring to any server that has a decent raiding/pvp background.
Would prefer to stay alliance but am willing to faction change if everything seems good.
I did not raid DS for obvious reasons *cough*boring*cough*, but my hopes for MOP are high and I'm really looking to see what it has to offer.
Scia-Darkspear was my main. If you wish to look into some of my past.

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