90 the end of your mage!

The 90 talents just killed the mage..
Invocation lol yea try to remember to click it before every fast pace pull and dont forget to ask your group to wait for you every pull for 10 secs so u can have it up LOL

Rune of power yea tiny ring on groud stand it it ..o wait every fight has u running and jumping all over none stop i cant uese it effectively

Incanters is for pvp so what ever

the talents 100% blow
every class has a teir that sucks TBH:) and runes of power is well use ti when u cna sue it every bioss fight ahs a buirn phase in raiding making it a greta raidign talent:)
I agree that the 90 talents blow big chunks, but to help the devs out you should explain why. (In detail) and not just label things as "PVE or PVP" for example, the inchanters is probably the most pve friendly out there.

The talents don't feel fun at all (I don't think any of the mage talents are that fun tbh), but the level 90 talents feel extremely clunky.

I mean, do I force myself to have 4-5 seconds of downtime every 40 seconds, while gimping my mana regeneration, or do I force myself to be a statue for practically the whole fight?

These talents don't seem to do Arcane the justice that it was promised to make it competitive with the other two specs as of yet, either.

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