Good Bye KT from <Burial Detail>

KT we had a long history together. Been with you since Burning Crusade came out. For those that do not know our history, Burial Detail was formed from ex members of Ruination and Shadow Riders later that year on October 20th. We survived two splits and a spinoff. Absorbed a couple of guilds and a couple of guilds tried to absorb us as well.
Ah I still remember the good times when the server was more balanced, when World PvP was actually fun. We had at least one night a week dedicated to world PvP. We used to get so many Alliance and Horde together in one zone that sometimes the server would just choke, reboot, and kick us all out. All the fun times we had together with our alliance playmates the Goon Squad, and others. But times have not been kind to KT and all the fun we had together is just a fond memory now. Spending most of your nights now fending off an almost endless supply of mean spirited gankers while questing, who reveal that they have no real honor nor respect as a player, is neither entertaining nor enjoyable in the short time many of us who work long hours or take care of families have to spare.
It is with a heavy heart that we part ways and say goodbye. But we will always treasure the good and the fun times we had with many of you all. Perhaps someday we may see some of you again.

Goodbye and Farewell
Goodbye, <Burial Detail>. Good luck this expansion.
If all these horde had put more effort into something constructive, rather than just making qq posts... I feel like there would have been more balance.
Never heard of you.

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