Rogue AoE vs the other Pure DPS Classes

Hunter: Focus regen+Multishot (BM Pets)
Mage: DoT spreading via blast and ground targeted AoE
Rogue: FoK Deadly Poison/Crimson Tempest/keep up Slice and Dice
Warlock: Cinder Incinerate/Hellfire+Guldan/Seed

Of course there's more examples but I'm going to only focus on the 4 pure dps classes for direct comparison. ~As a note I don't know all the ins and outs of every spec but I do have all the classes *not monk yet* at 85+~


  • Hunters: all 3 specs have tier 60 for focus regen and tier 90 talents that AoE

  • BM Pets have strong aoe coupled with the hunter himself adding in with multishot.
  • MM Hunters have Bombardment on top of the 2 talent tiers.
  • SV Hunters have the SS dot cleave added in to multishot.
  • **

  • Mages: all 3 specs have their dot that spreads with fire blast.

  • Arcane has ABarrage for some unique aoe burst as well as arcane explosion that adds stacks of Arcane Power.
  • Fire has that combustion spread coupled with ignite and pyroblast dots.
  • Frost has frost bomb shatter and Frost Orb and blizzard at the very least.
  • ***

  • Warlocks: I probably know the least about these but I'll give it a whirl.

  • Affliction has its Soulburn Seed of Corruption that dots all mobs in the area and Harvest Life.
  • Demonology has fel storm pet, hand of guldan, hellfire, and so on.
  • Destruction has that Fire and Brimstone skill that makes immolate and incinerate aoe, and Havoc.
  • ****

    Why list all of this in our lovely rogue forum? Well... Look at the diversity of every single spec of the listed classes. All 3 classes, all 9 specs aoe differently -- let's look at rogues shall we?

  • All 3 specs build aoe combo points on a single target via hitting said target with FoK.
  • All 3 specs are virtually required to maintain their single target finisher: Slice and Dice.
  • All 3 specs share a common aoe finisher: Crimson Tempest
  • All 3 specs want to have that Deadly Poison ticking on as many targets as possible.
  • *****

    I am not complaining about the lack of APM (actions per minute) rogues have during their aoe. Much of their damage comes from Deadly Poison and, honestly, that's ok game design. What I'm asking for is a bit of differentiation between the specs. Here's maybe some things that could spice up that boring old fok spam.

  • Have Combat toggle Blade Fury with FoK to cause the offhand to be thrown too.
  • Have Assassination able to proc Venomous Wounds with Crimson Tempest but at a reduced energy return, say 1 per proc as opposed to 10.
  • Have Subtlety be able to shadow dance FoK and apply Find Weakness to all targets.
  • ******

    Don't get me wrong I'm not asking for insane aoe numbers, adjustments can be made to balance the damage. Please just hear out the fact that I want Rogue aoe to be fun and a different play style to master even between the three specs so that it doesn't just feel like doing the same old thing for every rogue. I should have done this post early in the Beta and it's probably too late now to change anything for MoP.

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