How do i gear up to do heroics?

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Seriously, I hit 90, and now I'm 7 ilevel points away from being able to do heroics, with only 1 dungeon that has only 1 item that is considered an upgrade. Every other xpac has been

Hit lvl cap -> run normals -> run heroics -> raid.

Now I have to run around trying to figure out which factions i need to grind to get a few blues to do heroics? Really?

I just want to get through heroics so I can start raiding with my guild :(
But you don't have to physically find the dungeon anymore to run it! :D

Edit: You answered your own question, at least you only have to get honored.
You should probably ask your guild. It looks like you need to do a bit of questing in the later zones. There is so much 430+ gear in there, it's stupid.

Also, to run heroics without needing a proper ilvl, you will have to run it with your guild or people on your server. You just have to walk through the front door of the instance.
I got the item lvl by questing, doing regular dungeons, and getting lucky on scenario loot. Only healed 1 heroic so far and it wasn't nearly as bad as the first one I healed in cata. Good or bad? Don't know, still fun tho
I got everything I needed from quest rewards. Don't know what to tell you dude.

Edit: The crafted pvp gear is ilvl 450 right now. You can buy a couple pieces to boost your ilvl with those.

And before anyone QQ's about PvP gear in PvE, the PvP stuff really isn't that bad. It does have 2 PvE stats on it plus the 2 PvP stats. Also the "heroics" are stupid easy anyway so who cares if someone has PvP gear on right?
Go do dread wastes and finish the zone entirely. It put me at 439 ilvl and the pvp legs pattern I bought to max tailoring got 440.
Alright thanks, I leveled trying to complete every area as I went though them, so I didn't get to dread wastes till way late. I'll go through their quests. Appreciate the advice guys. :)
You can also start doing heroics right away if you form a group yourself. No need to wait for the RDF to let you in.
Soon as I hit 90 I was couple points away too. I spent about 7k in the AH on a couple of upgrades for my resto set. I really hate rep grinding was fearful of having to do it to just get into heroics. But like others have said dread waste gives some good items with appropriate IL. Working on my resto set though I some how managed to get my feral set to the required IL. Don't know how that happened. Even bought some of the PVP gear for resto and it didn't do the trick.

Try just putting on the highest IL items you have weather it be intel or agility. Que up and leave it on then switch it out once you're in a dungeon.
Farm scenarios also. Instant Q 463 ilvl out of spoils bag if I am not mistaken. Get lucky and that ilvl will go up fast.
Oh yah forgot about scenarios like barlion said. Though I had only done one. The arena scenario has a quest that gives you a blue 450 weapon! That helped out alot.
Buying Ghost Iron Dragonling is a great start.
Scenarios drop a ton of loot, 463
Wear PvP gear.
Buying Ghost Iron Dragonling is a great start.

so are the brewfest trinkets
I quested from 89-90 in the Dread Wastes.

Ended up with a high enough ilvl for heroics after I finished the whole place.
Also challenge mode Arena for a 450 weapon, finishing off Dread Wastes also gives you i think some 450s, as do the last 2 normal mode dungeons from leveling.

When I was done with dread wastes I was 1 ilvl shy and the weapon took care of that, that was using two 397 trinkets since I didn't get my ghost iron dragonling till last night.

*EDIT -- why do you have the Direbrew spell DPS trink?
Champion mobs
Buying Ghost Iron Dragonling is a great are the brewfest trinkets

About sums it up.

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