WTB AoE for affliction spec

I find in MoP that my AoE damage as affliction is just straight up terrible compared to other classes. My single target damage is fine but any fight with 3+ mobs and I fall behind. I'm not saying we should do amazing AoE damage but in its current state I almost feel compelled to just stick to the main target and do single target damage as opposed to AoEing.
Soul burn + Seed and then Soul burn + Soul Swap with Drain souls in between to get shards, the Harvest Life talent can help as filler as can spamming Seed for explosions and Shivarra's blade dance can help.
I can pull decent aoe dps, demo does way more, but i can pull more then destro aoe.

soulburn:CoE, soulburn:Seed, rain of fire and re-apply soulburn:seed if needed.

Usually pull around 30-40k with that. You can probably sub rain of fire with soul harvest too!

try that out
If you think affliction aoe is bad, go talk to shadowpriests. Our aoe is fine, if you're struggling that much and need aoe damage that badly then go demo.
Demo AoE is really strong, just unfortunate we don't have a good Meta AoE filler unless we talent for Soul Harvest. Void Ray is usually way to difficult to get good positioning for.
LOL you bad...
Pro Tip 1: SEED HARDER BRO (AoE 5+)
Pro Tip 2: sb:ss ALL DAY!! (AoE for 4-5 mobs)

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