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Red Dawn is looking to Join a guild with a sizable population and active group of players.

What we offer.

1. A fun group of players that don't need a spot in raiding.
2. Active members that will contribute where help is needed.
3. A B team raiding group for people that want to run alts or don't get in to the A team.
4. Experience dating back to Vanilla including Realm first kills and extensive Arena experience.

What we need.

1. An active steady guild. We have been around for over 3 years and we want a guild that we know will stay afloat.
2. A sizable population. We want to be able to log in and see lots of people on.

Basically our lives don't allow us to maintain a steady raid schedule and to maintain a guild, so we are looking for a guild that wants to absorb us and we can raid on the days that allow us and if need be can grab 1 or 2 people from guild chat for challenge modes, raids and PVP.

So if your guild needs an injection of fresh blood or just needs warm bodies and would be interested in getting a group of players that don't need babysitting please contact me in game with mail or whisper.
I'll contact you in game. Heads up.

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