Windwalker or Mistweaver?

I cant decide if I want my first talent pick to be either windwalker or Mistweaver. So I will put the choice to the community. Which specializations do you guys find to be more fun and engaging?
It really depends what you want to do. I've just respecced Mistweaver as my secondary right now, but my primary (as all should be for leveling right now) is Brewmaster. AoE pulls of 7+ mobs are no match.
Mistweavers can put out damage pretty damn close to Windwalkers for a very long time. Leveling my monk as Mistweaver through dungeons and I'm usually above all the Windwalkers in the group.

So, you'll have very good DPS and passive healing for everyone in your group. There's no downside to leveling as a Mistweaver.

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