Echo of the Elements: Thoughts on Delay

So I'm sure you've all realized by now that there's a bit of a delay on Echo of the Elements. But what I'm finding is that I think I could like it and possibly even want the delay extended to 1.5 seconds or so (but only if it procs the entire spell, not just the direct part).

Healing-wise, if your heal procs instantly you're in danger of over-healing a decent amount of the time. Having a slightly longer delay might not be optimal when the tank is about to die, but at the same time... your first heal would have just gone off on him. This would allow for less over healing, and also riptide might get an extra tick if they timed it right (riptide -> tick -> riptide [if and only if it also duplicates the tick part- not sure on that]).

As enhancement I know I'd like it. Thinking about Frozen Power, it would allow for slightly more time between the two effects, making the slow/snare duration longer. It wouldn't really have any effect on other spells.

I'm not sure how ele would feel, but I would think that allowing flameshock to add some extra ticks (like riptide above) would be looked on favorably.

This is all assuming that it duplicates the additional effects of the spell, and not just the direct part (even though it can only proc on direct). I can't find any data anywhere on this.
It actually looks like it doesn't duplicate the effect. It really should though, based on the tooltip.

Any of you guys think you could get on board with a delay if it meant getting duplicated side-effects?

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