How does your char die?

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Simple question... answer it, i will answer later when im not busy trying to get through the jadesong forest....
My scientist will accidentally have his Subjects kill him.
Oooh, to answer this would be to reveal spoilers.
He's already dead
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He's already dead

You left Forsaken Empire?!
First off, why did you copy the post box into a quote? Just mouse over it and click "Quote."

Second, why do my choices matter to you?
First off, why did you copy the post box into a quote? Just mouse over it and click "Quote."

Second, why do my choices matter to you?

I accidentally clicked to quote too much. I was just curious, no need to get defensive.
I can't say, It'd be set in stone and I hate endings.
he wont, he intends to live forever....
Trendis would die from probably an accidental shot in the chest from another hunter while hes out hunting.
In glorious battle of course! With the scream of missiles flying and elemental blasts. The cries of fellow soldiers around her as she lies fading in agony. Her last breath would be regret at not being able to save them or herself.
She will probably commit suicide by Horde if her wife does not return to her soon.
Massively unstable arcane explosion.

It's a last resort kind of technique.
Well, I have died mutiple times, so I'm saying the final one will be running an instance with Kellatira as the tank. I always die in her groups. (I have the tendancy to stand in the bad stuff.)
Well for my warrior it will likely either be in battle against a superior foe (superior in numbers or strength is uncertain) or from her own blade in the frozen wastes of Northrend once the world is truly and certainly at peace. Northrend because that is where so many of her brothers-in-arms fell.
Gulbon probably won't die anytime soon, but if he does, it's going to be in battle.
Most likely dying in battle, taking out as many gnomes as he possibly can...
Sarinda here would die on some special healing mission she was sent on that was a trap. My troll mage would die from the poison that is dating Jaina :P
She will die peacefully, surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
Axeride will be sitting at an inn after a long day of adventuring. On the table next to him, he has a trail mix, filled with various small snacks he'd picked up that day. Handful-after-handful, he carelessly shoves them into his mouth while reading a manual on guncrafting. He goes to reach for another handful and forces it into his maw. His eyes widen as he realizes that he accidentally reached into the open box of hollowpoint rounds adjacent to the trail mix. He died within a few minutes from the lead poisoning.

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