How does your char die?

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He died in Northrend shortly after wrecking ashore on a ship. When he dies again? Not sure.
He died in the battle for Lordaeron when the Scourge invaded. He was killing off some undead and was getting pretty good at it, and then they released the plague. The dreaded plague which no warrior is capable of fighting off. He found it to be quite annoying. After that, Vyn was prepared for anything the Scourge through at him, especially since he was now dead. Unfortunately however he died from the plague again. He attached himself to one of those plague harvesters after a majority of his scouting party died, and then sabotaged the engines of it and caused it go plummeting into the ground. Unfortunately he died from the resulting the plague contained within it. Now he's a death knight wielding the powers of death. Knowing him however, he'll likely learn more about the plague and get killed by it again and be brought back as a Lich or something.
Kimerian would probably be hanged, drawn and quartered with his armor on after losing a battle, being captured or is caught by a successful ambush by the Horde.

He is already a worthy adversary and his proof of demise will demoralize some soldiers of the Alliance who knew him very well and others will also avenge him.

It's just another way to die.

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