Manipulator's Talisman WTF blizz?

Why is this so terrible, every other class got a hidden weapon and we get a trinket, not only a trinket, but one with a 5k dmg is so bad, why would you give us hunters the middle finger. Atleast take off the 5k limit make it like 20k atleast.
Or Remove it and give us a damn weapon like everyone else.
Are you talking about the legendaries?
If so whats your source
He's talking about Manipulator's Talisman. It's a rare ground spawn object (one of the "Lost Treasures" that an achievement talks about).
Lol i just looted this... I don't think this would be a dps increase at level 70....
Blizzards way of showing how they love Hunters.
Anyone know if this item affects battle pets?
12/02/2012 07:05 AMPosted by Schlagor
Anyone know if this item affects battle pets?

What kind of question is that...

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