Path of Blossoms

Is this spell useful? Just got it but not sure what to make of it. It seems interesting but what situations would it actually be good for something?
I've used it in pvp quite a bit. It would be better if it snared like spinning fire does, but it's still fun to see people chasing you get owned.
I'd imagine it would be useful, say, running up the tunnel in WSG with the flag.

Or if you have someone kiting for you and you compliment it with exploding flowers.
I can see it being very situational.

Considering they only last 10 seconds, it's really only useful if you're trying to run away from someone. But then again, that would make them angrier.

It would be nice if they acted a bit more like Wild Mushrooms or Angelic Feather, where we can choose where to place them, they last longer, and then explode when someone walks over them.
This ability just seems...lame. Costs 30% energy, for not much damage. Energy could be better spent somewhere else.

Also, if you're doing arenas you could potentially hurt yourself with this if a teammate CC'd an enemy to peel, just to instantly get broken by it >< So be careful lol
Kiting adds while still wanting to keep aggro on them. Also in pvp anti rogue and druid mines.

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