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Hi everyone, I'm making this thread in search of a guild that suits my taste and hopefully one that I can help out and be a valuable asset to. Right now I'm only level 62 but I do level quickly. I enjoy RP very much and it's something I'd like to be apart of in any guild I join. I really don't care so much about being apart of a guild that is already level 20. To me the people in it are much more important. Thank you for any replies and I hope to hear from you soon.
Evenin there, Duskven. You've come to the right place.

Earthen Ring is filled with many active roleplay guilds. I suggest hopping over to our roleplay network, joining in, and getting-to-know people (and future guildmates):


See you there!
Well, it comes down to whether you'd like to be told or find out for yourself. Some people like to experience it firsthand, others want a summary. So apologies if I took the wrong approach (giving you the tools to experience it firsthand), I've encountered both types on the Earthen Ring forums over the last five years.

To sum it up directly, Earthen Ring is a very strong and active roleplay community. The reason you see very little RP activity on the official Blizzard forums set aside for us is that we set up our own separate, player-run community website two years ago. It's incredibly active and even a cursory look can provide a mountain of insight to the wealth of roleplay here.

There are multiple active RP guilds both Alliance and Hordeside, I suggest clicking on the Guilds tab on our community website for a list. You can organize the list by Most Active or Most Members, so it can give you a start for what you may be looking for.

Other than that, please feel welcome to join /forthealliance on Allianceside and /forthehorde on Hordeside. These are roleplay community channels that you can use to connect with guilds and future guildmates, find out about upcoming events, and overall tap into the existing community the moment you log in.

Hope that answers your questions more extensively. In the meantime, the invitation to come and play with us is still open, but I'd suggest being a little less angry and accusing of laziness next time.
Ignore him, Ari. He's trolling all the RP forum boards and being a dingus.

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