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Moon Guard
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... Displayed prominently in all places where good men might gather.

Loyal subjects of Lordaeron, gallant knights and stalwart champions, and our most virtuous of Lightsworn comrades in arms: we now see the hour of reclamation approaching. I have therefore elected to call upon you here to make it clear that we must stand together with firmer tenacity than ever. Lordaeron's Own have always fought with glory against the enemies of the Light. Now, the emancipation of our Mother and of the kingdom known the world over, which the vile and perfidious Forsaken have claimed for a decade, is committed to your valorous souls.

Be not afraid because the enemy is legion and we are but few. For your strength lies in the protection of the Light and now must it be revealed with righteous fury and drawn steel. I know that this godless horde will, as is their custom, rush upon you with loud cries to their Dark Lady and weapons of dishonorable warfare. These will deliver unto you no bodily harm, for I see that you are all well clad in armor without peer. The Light now protects you, each and every one. They will fight us for every foot that we claim, and so too shall our breastplates and shields deny them their victory. Do not imitate the accursed Tirion Fordring who, when the Forsaken called upon him, went with bowed head and broken spirit into their hold. Our cavalry shall terrify these light-damned heathens, as our valor shall see them one and all scattered to the winds.

In this campaign you must always move forward and have no fear, no thought of defeat, but be inspired to reclaim our homeland with ever more Lotharian ardor. Beasts may flee from beasts. But you are champions, men and women of stout hearts and pure souls, and you will avenge all those that have been made to suffer at the hands of these fiends. Strike with your sword; thrust with your spear, do unto them what they have done unto the innocent so that they see they are not fighting their peers, but those that have been imbued with a power far greater than theirs by the Light.

You are aware that this impious and deceitful enemy has disturbed the peace unjustly. It has violated every virtue of the Light; they have slaughtered our innocent women and children; they have desecrated our homeland; they have proven untrustworthy time and again. Remember Wrathgate. Remember Andorhal. Remember Grand Marshal Garithos and the men that fought beneath him. By the Light, do not see these vicious creatures as what they once were, but what they are: monsters, beasts, and villains.

Now, these soulless aberrations threaten to eradicate Gilneas and Strom, the lands that we have known as brother and father since our birth, the places in which those born of our own blood have been forced to endure the presence of an enemy we did not defeat those ten years ago. Oh champions, everlasting gallants of Lordaeron, now has the time come to raise arms and do war.

You men of Lordaeron, men of piety and glory, for your infinite victories shall our beloved Lordaeron be returned to us. Our Lady, held for so long within the hands of the vile, shall be freed only once you show your prowess and your aggressive spirit against the many horrors that torment her.

You men of Lordaeron, most valiant heroes, whose swords have many a time made Forsaken and Scourge tremble at the sight of your skill, who have called upon the Light and become its executor in matters of justice, must now lift high your spirits and prepare for a struggle unlike any which we have before endured.

You, my honored champions, obey your good queen's commands and know that in her infinite knowledge that this day your glory is at hand. Join now with your brothers and sisters and shed blood knowing that for every drop of ichor spilled, that you will win yourselves crowns of martyrdom and a place eternal within the Holy Flame.

Light Save Lordaeron.
[OOC]: lordaeron.guildlaunch.com

The Blood of Lordaeron is primarily a roleplaying guild centered around the reclamation of Lordaeron. At present it is led by Madelynne Albrecht, styled Queen Madelynne I after declaring herself the only person worthy of sitting the throne of Lordaeron.

Most guild events will be handled with /roll mechanics and set up to further the guild’s storyline which began with The Crimson Redemption and continued into The Brotherhood of the Flame. The Blood of Lordaeron is not a Scarlet RP guild.

It is not our intention nor our purpose to play a villainous role. Whether or not a person takes issue with the guild and decides to attack them is up to them. The Blood of Lordaeron is not a corrupt organization, nor does it have any interest in being portrayed as one from an OOC standpoint.

Although we will participate in RP-PVP events, this guild is not primarily focused on that facet of gameplay. If a person desires a great deal of PVP, it will not be a guild for them.

Permissible Races/Classes
At present, any and all races that fought under the banner of the Alliance of Lordaeron are permitted to join the Blood of Lordaeron. Death Knights are now also permitted allowing that they place their duties to the queen above their duties to the Ebon Blade.

There are several military organizations that have also been formed in order to properly categorize the various groups currently composing the Army of Lordaeron. They consist of:

1] Queen's Men: An overall term for the Blood of Lordaeron's military forces, it more specifically refers to humans, dwarves, gnomes and high elves that fight under the Queen's banner.
(Contact: JEREMAES if interested in joining the Queen's Men.)

2] Queen's Gilnean Legion: A group composed of human and worgen expatriates of Gilneas, the QGL is still loyal to Gilneas; however, they assist the Queen's Men in their attempt to overthrow the Forsaken so that both Gilneas and Lordaeron might be freed. In exchange for their services they are given martial training, armor, and weaponry.
(Contact: VELGIM if interested in joining the QGL.)

3] Forlorn Hope: Composed entirely of Death Knights, these shocktroopers are the front line and perhaps best line for attacking a well entrenched position. Known as "Forlorn Hope," they represent those that seek to redeem themselves by turning their inner hatred against an enemy that has for long plagued Lordaeron.
(Contact: NIKEPHOROS if interested in joining the Forlorn Hope.)

Warlocks that are openly demonic will be excluded, though there is no accounting for those that “slip through the system”.

If you are interested in joining the guild or making an alliance with it, please contact Madelynne, Simurg/Asuryån, or Jeremaes. Any questions or concerns may also be addressed to these people.



you don't even go here
We're quite happy with the way things are run around here. K thnx bye.
If I posted this thread I would have made an Imperialism joke rather than put latin in it.
Remember, never say the d-word.


you don't even go here

you wanna fite about it
Hello, Blood of Lordaeron <3
The queen has been kidnapped by pandas!
Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the queen?
I'm always surprised when people talk about "best writers" and you are not mentioned Asuryan. You have a cadence the usual nominees lack.
09/29/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Satterly
I'm always surprised when people talk about "best writers" and you are not mentioned Asuryan. You have a cadence the usual nominees lack.

I am known too by another name.
God, Satt, don't feed his ego.
Chuck? Melissa? Zuul?
Grand Crusader.
I hate leveling. Someone buy all my toons a level 90 pass please?

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