Suggestion for Server Queues

cute, vision went out of his way to comment on the illidan forums
Some of us have been here (Illidan) since the server was brought online, to simply transfer off is not quite a viable option, yet it is one of three options we have.

1. Transfer
2. Quite Playing
3. Start Over in hopes one day, Illidan is queue-less as it is clueless.

Regardless, crying about the queue isn't really helping, Blizzard has done everything they are willing to do. Like it or not, this is how Blizzard operates, it's not personal, its' just good business.
I found the solution, log early in the morning like 10am and never log out till 2am.
i've read a few of the most recent threads about server que times, and it seems to all be a mixed bag of 4/5 of the ppl realizing blizzard is derelict in doing nothing to reduce que times. they randomly for short intervals offer character transfer for free, yet for many (myself included started on illidan back when they started the game).

its not unreasonable for a game you pay per month to play to expect the people that take your money to allow you to play the game in a timely fashion. if you cannot guarantee that, you should do one of 2 things, keep open the free character transfer or increase your technological requirements to allow more players to play on each realm that is a high population server. ITS SIMPLE FOLKS, not ROCKET SCIENCE.

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