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Hello all,

I have just noticed a sandstorm in Tanaris on my server but I do not see any of the little guys in sight. In light of this, I am hoping someone who has experienced these buggers (pun intended) could answer a few questions I have.

1.) spawn duration during sandstorm:
Do these bugs spawn at the beginning of the sandstorm only or do they keep spawning like the baby apes?

2.) above ground or underground spawn:
I am a little fuzzy on the location. Are they caught above ground or underground in the gaping chasm and noxious lair? (I have checked both.)

3.) is there anything I should be doing during the sandstorm? (i.e. kill bugs)

If there is anything anybody has experienced that could be of help, please share your experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ok an update.

I stuck it out through the sandstorm to see if any hatchlings spawned. They did not. This leaves me with two hypothesis.

1. Massive spawn dump at the beginning of a sandstorm. No respawns
2. Spawns occur from the start with respawns for 10-20 minutes (assuming similar coding between the baby apes and hatchlings)

Hope this helps. If anybody has further information on their experiences with the silithid hatchlings I would love to hear it. :)

yesterday i was omw to uldum and was lucky enough to stumble into a sandstorm...i proceded to kill all the hatchlings i could on my quest for a rare 1..they spawn above the ground on both hives. they don't seem to respawn during the sandstorm though.
They only spawn in the purple poo filled tunnels.

1. Massive spawn dump at the beginning of a sandstorm. No respawns

This seems to be the case, although I read a comment on Wowhead from a user who claims several respawned after 45 minutes of waiting.

I missed the beginning of the sandstorm, but I got to experience the last 35min of it and I didn't see any hatchlings.

SUCH A PAIN. It's rough enough having to wait for a sandstorm, and then I finally get to see one and I get zip.
10/05/2012 08:59 PMPosted by Darsmora
This seems to be the case, although I read a comment on Wowhead from a user who claims several respawned after 45 minutes of waiting.

That was probably me. Note that it was 45 minutes from when I arrived in Tanaris, it was already sandstorming when I got there. So, no telling how long it had been since the initial wave of spawns. Which I missed out on.
I logged in a bit after 10 am server time and there was a storm. No bugs at all..... as others have said... very annoying. There were a lot of other people looking for the bugs too. I flew around for 45 minutes and no bugs spawned.

I Logged in at 10:45 pm and there was a storm.. no bugs and annoyed again. . So I'm thinking the storms might be 12 hours apart.... Could be less, as the 10 am and the 10 pm storms could be a coincidence.

I went inside the purple tunnels and no pets had spawned as was suggested. Will provide more info if I'm able to catch a storm at the beginning.

Pls provide your info as you continue looking for these elusive guys.
I thought I was there for the beginning of a sandstorm yesterday and furiously began flying around.... I proceeded to fly around for 2.5 hours (which I admit is crazy) and never saw a single one!! There were a lot of other people flying around too.

So maybe I actually wasn't there for the beginning of the storm? Either way, the storm was waaaay longer than I expected (more than 2.5 hours), and I had to log out before it was over anyway. At this point, I'm really frustrated. I wish the mechanic for catching these buggers was more friendly. It's a waste of everyone's time.
I'm in the middle of a sand storm now and still have yet to see one spawn. Is this bugged or what? Been here about an hour. I've checked and some people have mentioned they got a spawn during, but it's not guaranteed.

With CRZ and the major RNG of weather effects, could the spawn-rate of these please be increased? The odds of being there for the spawn dump right when it starts is slim, and 1 person can wipe out the entire area within minutes. Camping for this pet is really frustrating and takes tons of time with no reward

update: Stayed the entire sandstorm and not one

update 2: Logged on my druid the next morning and there was a sandstorm with tons of spawns.
Not sure when I hopped over to the alt that's out there but no spawns during the storm (still going). This area doesn't happen to phase from the quests out there does it? That would annoy me greatly.

No spawns and there were a few of us out there looking. Starting to think they're made out of cake. That or CRZ is messing with it. Yeah let's blame CRZ.
My experience with the sandstorm was that at the start, there was a huge amount of them (I literally was there the very moment the sandstorm started). I got an uncommon quality one before I went rare hunting. 10 minutes after catching my uncommon, I still hadn't found any other spawns, but I kept flying between the two spawn locations.

After another 5 or so minutes, I noticed one or two would be there, but they were few and very far between (after that initial rush I think I saw maybe 3-4 total). The sandstorm lasted a total of 25 mintues, and just before it ended I was lucky enough to snag a rare that was hovering just on the edge of the spawn zone =)
I have zoned in/logged in to Tanaris in the middle of a sandstorm four times. The first time was the only time I found any Silithid Hatchlings. I spotted two on the surface. Unfortunately both were poor but I went ahead and captured one anyway. Even though I'm still on the lookout for a rare/uncommon one, it's still a very cool unique pet to have following you around. Good luck to everyone looking for this PITA pet! :)
There is a theory that if you go kill other pets in the zone during a sandstorm that may help get new silithids to spawn. I have not yet tried it so do not know whether or not that works.
10/26/2012 12:33 PMPosted by Vasala
There is a theory that if you go kill other pets in the zone during a sandstorm that may help get new silithids to spawn. I have not yet tried it so do not know whether or not that works.

I tried that with my wife for a half hour during a sandstorm, no dice.
I have been to Tanaris during two sandstorms. I am not sure at what point during each that I arrived as the storms were in progress when I got there.

First time: Lots of the little bugs running around above ground in each of the hives. I went through one hive... got an uncommon, but saw no rares. Went to the other hive and checked them all there... still no rares. Returned to the first hive, found respawns, rinse repeat until the storm ended.

Second time: I am pretty sure this time that I arrived late during the storm. Possibly other people had been there earlier as well. Found no spawns at the first hive. Went to the other and found a few along one side. Checked them all, but found no rares. Returned to the first hive, found a single, solitary spawn. Not a rare. Returned to the second hive, found a few spawns in the same area as I had found some before (but definitely fewer). Still no rares. Checked back at the first hive. No spawns. Went back and fourth between the hives for the rest of the sand storm and found no more at all.

So, I don't know if CRZ messed the spawns up or if there is some other explanation, but with those two VERY different experiences during two sand storms, I just don't know what to think now.

At this point, I suspect that I may have to use a stone (when those come out) to upgrade the uncommon one that I have.
please leave some up for other's... i know you are after rare but it doesn't help other's who just want one for collection purposes.

i have been to 2 sandstorms and haven't gotten lucky... it is day 2 of no sandstorm appearing for me, i am staking myself out so that when a sandstorm does come i get my spawn then i can leave, waiting on a pacific cross-realm currently, yesterday no spawn off the new york crz.

note: the sandstorms and maybe the amount of respawn has to be increased... this is more pita then suffering of finding a minifernal or a giraffe calf.
The one time I was there near the start of a sandstorm, I went through probably a dozen, and noticed some spawning in areas I'd cleared out. I didn't stick around for too long, though. My guess would be that there's a short window in which spawns occur frequently, and then it falls off to a very low rate very quickly. I got one, don't recall the rarity, but it's not rare.
attention: if you are on the pacific time zone right now. the sandstorm is going on for hatchling's.

i caught a uncommon very happy i can now look for other rare pets.

incoming news: they are completely off the radar... no more spawns :( and they spawn above ground.
gone in 4 mins... that was quick.
They will respawn - but it will be only a handful, and it will take a loooong time. Maybe 2-3 in each of the two silthid areas.

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