Patch 5.0 & MOP created bad fps & stutter

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I just went out and bought a new card and psu thinking it was time for an upgrade..Re-formatted, all up to date drivers..Still bad specially in 25man lfr..Thnx for wasting more of money blizz./

Have a brand new CPU, Mobo, gaming RAM, have a slightly old GPU but that's getting upgraded in a few weeks time. The lag/stutter I'm getting randomly (mostly in Pandaria zones too) is becoming frustrating.

I remember when you could play WoW on a toaster and still have decent graphics. Now on PC's that run other beautiful, high graphics games with little to no lag, It's frustrating that most of the time you have to sacrifice a lot of the graphics in WoW just to try and improve on the performance (and even that doesn't always work).

It seems the longer you have WoW running for any given time during the day, the worse it gets.

i remember the last time i could play without dropped frame rates it was right before 5.1

I ran all my settings on ulta with no problems until MoP. Since 5.0 I have bad stuttering while flying. I've turned off all addons, updated drivers, etc. and still get the stuttering.

Love WoW, have had no real trouble playing until MoP and this 5.0 patch (and up). Deleted high lvl chars tried starting anew. If I can't play high, or low, levels, quest, or PVE, PVP, or being unable to basically do anything in game, what's the point of re-subscribing?

Please Blizz, fix this.

Though I can't say my FPS has always been top of the line, I think a constant 30-35 fps is slightly more comforting to my gameplay than 8-12 fps. It can be quite flustering.
I'm going to be requesting a refund for buying the new upgrade... Upgrade's are supposed to be fun, not frustrating to play... Wow should seriously refund those who ask because their product isn't up to their standards...
Why does everyone blame Blizz for issues with there computer maybe your computer don't meet the requirmnents of MOP
/sign and bump. Horrible FPS issues. Usually maxed out graphics

2012 Macbook Pro Retina
i7 2.6GHz
8GB DDR3 Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5 memory and automatic graphics switching.
12/05/2012 12:14 PMPosted by Meshamey
Why does everyone blame Blizz for issues with there computer maybe your computer don't meet the requirmnents of MOP

all I can say to ^^^ is ...............

I somehow doubt every person who has posted here has outdated computers slick.

I know me, and several other guildes, all of whom have high end computers are experiencing the same issues. We have all tried everything from updating drivers, messing with settings, yada yada yada.... and nothing fixes it. Face is a Blizz issue. While nothing is perfect, it would be nice for at least these issues to be more acknowledged and to feel that paying & loyal customers are valued.
Bump ....
To hell with this. My computer was fine on 5.0 now at 5.1 I went from 80fps ultra everything to 80-12 fps depending on my camera angle wtf! If someone finds the source of the problem plz link it.
/sign. - running a hd 6970 and cant get over 12 fps on low in battlegrounds.
12/05/2012 12:14 PMPosted by Meshamey
Why does everyone blame Blizz for issues with there computer maybe your computer don't meet the requirmnents of MOP

You clearly have not read a single post here. Please leave the thread before it gets locked as your comment is clearly intended as a fire starter.
Having the same issues on Quad Core 8gb ram 1gb video card. Did not have issues prior to latest patch releases.

want this on top of the list. i have the same issue (in most areas, some areas i get 40-50..any MoP area i get 20 fps)
Just found this thread. I've been noticing graphics quality degradation ever since 5.0. It keeps getting worse. Before MoP I never had stuttering or lag - didn't even know what those things were. My fps was never under 100 before.

Last night after landing in Dalaran, my fps was 1. One.
ive been noticing a huge studder whenever im traveling. also when im running sometimes but not as bad. tried everything to do with graphics, monitored my resources with task manager to see that's ok... it's something in the game for sure, and it blows.

this needs to be resolved.
Same issue. I7, 16gb RAM. AMD 6950 x2. I thought that the 6950 was getting a little outdated and I thought that was my issue, so I added another one in crossfire. No improvement at all.

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