Elemental type seems rushed.

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Elemental pets seemed to have been rushed, all those pets simply make no sense being grouped as such. This is not a "Elemental pets suck in battles!" thread. I'm simply pointing out that it seems like they didn't have time to make fire, water, earth types or something so they grouped them all.

Example: Elemental types take 50% more damage from Aquatic abilities.
So you're telling me that Water Waveling (the water elemental pet) is weak to water... okay.
And on top of that Terrible Turnip, Teldrassil Sproutingling, Singing Sunflower, Ruby Sapling, Crimson Lasher & Ammen Vale Lashing which are all FLOWERS/TREES that are "ELEMENTAL" type... are weak to WATER? This is just lazy.

If they wanted to do this "Elemental" type thing than it should've been that Elemental is weak to Magic or Dragon and Aquatic strong against Mechanical. Elementals being strong against Mechanical just seemed like it's pulled out of nowhere.
well the crimson lasher is a fire flower so that one makes sense
09/29/2012 10:47 PMPosted by Gabric
well the crimson lasher is a fire flower so that one makes sense

My bad on that one... but still.
well to be fair... shooting water at a jellowy water elemental.. your displacing his water with your "foreign" or "unalive" water,, and due to his permeable soft or non existant skin he is probably taking extra damage as compared to another pet family
I think the icon for Elemental is bad. While it makes it more intuitive to understand that aquatic moves are effective, it's goofy how water elementals have a fire icon.
Agreed Elemental pets need some love.
BTW you look more like a cat then a bear.
Elementals definitely seem kind of like an odd man out. IMO, there should definitely be a "plant" type of pet, and the elemental passive should be reworked - maybe give them an extra resistance to an element based on a sub-classification of air, water, earth, or fire.

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