A few things I've noticed

Just want to list a few issues I've noticed while levelling, as I'd like to see if anyone else has encountered any of these as well. Some are paladin-specific, some are not.

  • I will occasionally receive a "not enough holy power" error when attempting to use Templar's Verdict when I do in fact have 3 to 5 holy power
  • When I have an enemy player targeted, but am out of range of hitting them and I cast Word of Glory, I get an error message that tells me I'm too far away. I am NOT using Glyph of Harsh Words; the intent of the Word of Glory is to heal myself, not attack my target.
  • On occasion I have gotten an error message "can't do that while stunned" when I have no debuffs or cc's of any kind on me.
  • Cleanse will randomly not incur its cooldown when used, allowing me to spam it WHEN I DO ACTUALLY DISPELL SOMETHING. (Not that I have a problem with this, but methinks it's not supposed to happen).
  • I use a WoW Legendary Edition gaming mouse, and since the 5.0.4 patch my client will randomly stop registering my extra buttons mid-combat. I have to either reload or open the interface menu, uncheck "detect world of warcraft gaming mouse," then recheck it to make my mouse work again.
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