{A} 10man Thurs-Sat LF some DEEPS!

Guild Recruitment
Pillage and Plunder is a 10man raiding guild on Khaz Modan that raids Thursday –Saturday 9 – 12 EST. With a new expansion right around the corner and the current one slowly singing it’s swan song, we’re looking to solidify our raid core. We cleared all normal modes in Cata, and voyaged on into a few heroics, we knocked out a number of achievements, and had a ton of fun in raid and out. Now we’re working to make sure we can do the same thing in MoP.

First, a little about us:
Guild site: www.pillageandplunder.wowstead.com
Guild Application: http://pillageandplunder.wowstead.com/recruitment
Recruitment Officer Real ID: zoey_mac@yahoo.com
Recruitment Officer Zoey#1952
Loot is done by the EPGP system to encourage attendance and guild contribution.
On raid nights the guild will cover repairs, flasks, and food, however, raiders should bring enough of their flask and stat food of choice to last an entire raid night in case you miss one or the other.

PnP tries to maintain a strict 10man roster with enough extras that absences don’t cause raids to be canceled. We do not recruit for bench. On nights that we have more than 10 we rotate people as needed to give everyone a shot at loot. We expect at least an 85% attendance rate.

Raiders should be able to both listen and speak in vent. If you choose to generally not talk that's fine, but mid-fight voice communication is often the most efficient method, and you need to be able to do so when necessary.

Our ideal member is sociable enough to participate in guild chat while not being one of those people that never shuts up. We’re a bunch of snarky sarcastic twits most of the time. A thick skin and/or smarmy sense of humor is big plus, as guild chat can go from innocuous to spectacularly offensive faster than you can say "Paradiggem." Begging, regardless of level, isn't tolerated, so anyone just looking to get free stuff or power-leveling shouldn't bother, as you will be constantly mocked until someone gets around to booting your worthless carcass. For anyone looking to raid, situational awareness and a good understanding of your class mechanics are the two most important attributes. A reliable connection is also expected. Repeated avoidable errors will lead to being sat out. If you think you're a good player but worried about your gear level, talk to us anyway. Low gear is way easier to fix than low intelligence or skill. If you love hugging the fire and making the aggro meter scream your name louder than the tank’s, PnP is not for you.

What we need:


Thanks for your time!
Pillage and Plunder recruitment officer and all around morale mamma!
and again!

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