[A] <Panadol> 12/12 ToT - LFM!

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Come join the Panadol Party!! Most players on daily getting their Panda reps and achievements, come say hi on vent, and discuss recruitment with us!!

Oh and, I'm keen on joining :)
Where 'dem Monks??
Who is coming to play with us on Saturday??
Bump for Pete.
Come kill MSV with us on Saturday!! Calling all Monks!!
+1 for cosma
Who is helping me kill lots of pixels tomorrow??
Sorry for killing you while you were questing Rahskin, around MoP launch. It had to be done.

I expected Laffabull to be guildless as a joke :(
Let's kill stuffs!
So mean
Would love a Monk to make beautiful healing waves with!!

4/6 during our first week of raiding. Looking for a Pally/Druid/Monk that can off-tank as well as DPS.

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