[A] <Panadol> 12/12 ToT - LFM!

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bumping for cosma =)
Thanks Dinladen babe!! 6/6 MSV baby!!
Heroic time :>
Yup yup can't wait!! Not bad for two weeks, Saturday raiding only.
Appropriately skilled and geared Monks please feel free to apply.
LF a Monk Tank, maybe a Druid DPS... come play!!
Come join the Panadol-Party.
What if I only use Nurofen....
Nurofen is good.

Panamax is okay, but its cheap.

Panadeine Forte is the bomb.
Always looking for skilled peeps!
Best Hpriest reporting in.
11/11/2012 05:35 PMPosted by Talleh
Best Hpriest reporting in.

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