[A] <Panadol> 12/12 ToT - LFM!

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But Disc is more fun :(
Come play come play!!
Bump for an extra to cover AFKs!!
I should come say hello and level my Tauren pally.
We need a druid :(
Or even a warlock.
meh , pally is my only horde toon. Unless I faction change toons again :p
High priority:
Druid that can DPS and tank, preferably boomkin.

Medium priority:
An exceptional Warlock
11/19/2012 12:51 AMPosted by Rashkin
Come join Panadol party!!
Good Guild gl finding <3
Thank you kind sir.
Always looking for more skilled peeps to raid and kill monsters and stuff.
Come raid with us. Okay?
My precious.
Looking for more!!

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