Selling profession kits [A] BS, JC, Enchant

Bleeding Hollow
All mats you need to max professions
Vendor bought items such as simple wood is on the buyer.

Please send offers through ingame mail or whispers or if you have any questions please ask.

Guides to level are by

To complete transaction you just make a bank toon to join my guild and look over the buy in my guild bank. Once you have paid I will promote you to have full access of the kit of your choosing. Just take out all the mats and either bank or mail them.
Need JC for 400-600
Interested in BS 1-600, as in, what would the price be.
BS is going for 19k or best offer

I'm not splitting kits at the moment but I could see about putting something together for 400-600
JC and Enchanting kits have been sold. BS is all thats left. Taking requests on next batch of kits.

Should have another enchanting though by the end of the week.
I bought a JC kit the other day, and it only brought me to 560... Didnt give me enough green gems. Can i get some kinda recompense? or possibly everything i need to hit 600?

Edit: Thanks for the help, my problem was resolved! Great Service :D!
I'll take BS for 10,000.
Need horde kits. :)

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