Level 90 eh?

See now the difference between me and the Alliance, (as well as some players on the horde) is that when I hit 90 I'm not gonna spend my time ganking lowbies. I'm gonna be doing BGs before the season! I'm gonna be doing dungeons and slaying dragga's. And most importantly...I'm gonna be Sir Chillerace! So if you agree then join me! And once you hit level 90 don't go around ganking lowbies, lets devour the bad lvl 90's ganking us.

PS: Any of you are welcome to BG with me in lvl 90 before and after the season :3 Just send me a tell in game. <3

~No need to fear, for Sir Chillerace is here. . .
You can do it Chillerace!
You're right, I'm gonna push on!

Bump that...

When I hit 90 I'm going on a Alliance killing spree....


Thanks for all of the Horde who helped me level, helped me escape from being camped, and helped me be the best Sir Chilli I could have. This was an awesome leveling experience and I wish everyone a merry and chilli-filled expansion! TIME TO PVP SON, NO NEED TO FEAR FOR SIR CHILLERACE IS HERE!

http://i.imgur.com/KBhB1.jpg Wizardry.
rofl zigen beat you and he started from lvl 1
10/01/2012 02:10 AMPosted by Poonyo
rofl zigen beat you and he started from lvl 1
I wish I was secretly gay as well. :3

Nah jk man, gj on lvl 90. But I saw some monk at lvl 87 in a bg. That !@#$'s scary.
Who is secretly gay?
Swag = Secretly we are gay...Doesn't it? =/
Swag = Secretly we are gay...Doesn't it? =/

No, that is something made up from people who lack Swag.


Interesting. "An arrogant or superciliously pompous manner; especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence", well if that's the case I must have this 'swag' overflowing from my ears and eyes atm. Huh, the things you are informed about everyday. Like this!

http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/are-you-a-wizard ?

Remember fellas, confidence gets the chicks.
10/01/2012 02:32 AMPosted by Andrew
Who is secretly gay?

Me. Well not secretly I suppose. Also. Hi Laxus!
That is INDEED the question good sir!...I think I have some massive swagger, and I don't indulge on Twilight movies or any of that !@#$%^-*!@ like media. =3
90 ftw!

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