I miss my beloved!

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She and I were married back in March but for nearly a month she has been missing, somehow swept into the Twisting Nether due to a portal accident, and I don't even know if she is alive anymore, let alone if I will ever see her again! /CRY I WANT HER BACK NOW!!!!!

(RL translation: When the Mists of Pandaria pre-patch hit, Stormchick's owner could not play WoW anymore because her computer was no longer compatible with the present WoW configurations. She has been trying to upgrade her computer ever since.)

Have you ever lost someone you loved (in game) and felt empty or broken as a result?
I don't like it when you're in the middle of character-developing RP and somebody has to quit wow. That's what bums me out.
Oh yes, most of my friends seemed to have disappeared over night.
My husband was out hunting one morning and was bitten by a worgen. Just how do I tell my kids that their father was turned into a worgen? ((Lyn's husband was race changed))
Oh yes. Baal, was in a very bad way after losing her lover. Then she ran into an old friend. Now they are happily married and the scandal of their Order.
Yeah, many of my character's in game friends have left
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This just seemed too fitting to pass up
Yes, unfortunately I have. And It was my fault. It hurt like hell. But the game moves on.
my paladin nient has a wife who is still alive :)

(galahandra on Terenas)
Well, not really. Kreindis does rarely get to spend time with his love, and he feels empty being away from her for long periods of time. Also once, his brother (An Undead Warlock) burned a rune on his chest, and it allowed his brother control over his body. He had to stay away from his love so that she wouldn't be harmed by his brother controlling his body.

Also, one of my millions of Death Knights was forced to kill his wife under the Lich King's control. You can imagine the pain he felt doing that...

Otherwise, I dont think I have.
Has Tislina ever lost her love? Thankfully, no. She does miss her dearly beloved (That's Kreindis) very much though and wishes they had more time together.

Have my other characters? Yes indeed. The worst was probably when my poor demon hunter Luna lost the only person she ever cared about. He was captured and killed by another spiteful night elf who wanted her for himself. Luna was actually heartbroken over his death. As for the elf that killed him, well.... Can you guess where he is now? I think it is best if we do not discuss such things.
Kal's love is currently on a pilgrimage so she can become a Monk, Kal supports her decision but still misses her.

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