Demonic Fury question

I build up to 100% Fury and hit Meta, my Fury drops to 20% in about 2 seconds and then slows to the 6 Fury/second until I return to caster form. Is there a game mechanic that I'm missing? Is it just a junk skill at less than level cap? Does 100% on the bar not equal 1000 Fury? Just seems like a waste if I only get 3 demonic slash before losing form. Where am I screwing up?
Are you using Dark Apotheosis to build up fury?

Because if you use DA to build up fury then try to switch to Meta, you go straight to 200 DF.
It sounds a little like you are still using soul fire while in meta form... you should only be keeping up dots and using shadow bolt. Save all procs for caster form.
Ahhhh Baalsamael got it for me. I knew there was a mechanic I was missing. Thanks much!

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